Essential oils postpartum

Essential Oils in Postpartum

These are my go-to oils to use for myself, my clients and the teeny new humans to provide support during those postpartum days!


Clary Sage, Lavender and Copaiba – apply religiously to lower abdomen and ankle bones (our ankle bones are connected to our uterus) as soon as you can after birth and while your uterus is contracting. Breastfeeding often triggers the contracting, so I suggest applying before and after feeding. This is also great to keep and use for when your period returns. You can add Siberian Fir too. I didn’t have it at the time and my blend worked amazingly well. I SWEAR BY THIS!

Around postpartum day 3 & 4, diffuse and inhale Wild Orange. It REALLY helps send some happy, cheerful vibes through your body while it navigates the hormone-comedown.


It’s safe to use oils with newborns, but you only need 1 drop of each oil and top/mix with FCO. Always double check dilution guides! I’ve linked a guide from a reputable essential oil company here.

DigestZen, Lavender and Roman Chamomile – apply in clockwise motions around the belly button before a feed.

A drop of Lavender, mixed with FCO applied to the soles of baby’s feet during the day are an excellent way to assist them recognising the difference between night and day.

Wild Orange, Vetiver, Lavender Peace, Balance & Frankincense topped with FCO in a roller bottle is my favourite blend to soothe baby. I usually pop a dab on their blanket, heart space and soles of feet.


Personally, I didn’t use a lactation blend, because I know my supply is bananas – but The Mini Essentials Guide (aka my bible) by Stephanie Fritz has you covered! Seriously, download a copy of this $8 e-book! I will let you know to avoid Peppermint and never apply oil directly to the nipple. Many essential oils businesses have Lactation blends to support your supply, so definitely have a look through the gram to find one.

All of my suggestions worked amazing for me but I encourage you to pick and choose what you feel suits you. You can’t get it wrong, especially so many oils offer similar properties. You’re going to get the most benefit out of the selected ones that resonate most with you!


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Essential oils for postpartum
Essential oils for postpartum

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