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Essential oils postpartum

Essential Oils in Postpartum

These are my go-to oils to use for myself, my clients and the teeny new humans to provide support during those postpartum days! OILS FOR MUM AFTER PAINS Clary Sage, Lavender and Copaiba – apply religiously to lower abdomen and ankle bones (our ankle bones are connected to our uterus) as soon as you can

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Essential Oils in Birth

Essential Oil are a really useful tool to utilise during birth. They contribute to setting up the space, help with consistent contractions, nausea, energy levels and more! The below is what I personally used in my own labour. When it comes to my clients, I use what I’ve outlined here plus I refer to my

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Perth Dynamo Doula

Essential Oils in Pregnancy

The use of Essential Oils in pregnancy can be so powerful, while being completely natural and gentle to the body! As a doula, I’m always telling my clients ‘I have an oil for that!’, and turn up with a bunch of rollers or sprays to help them through their journey. Below, I’ve listed how to

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