Work with Jessie

I help doulas create a personalised strategy to become highly sought after birth workers, to have a business that supports them while they support other people, all while getting well paid without the burn out.

i want to walk with you!

I know you want to amplify your impact and expand into the doula you’re destined to be.

GROWTH as a doula, growth within your biz and growth within your bank account is awaiting you!

So, when it comes to being at the held of an aligned, thriving and sustainable business built on your strengths, gufts and unique energy – so you can work smarter, not harder and allow your ripple of impact to reach beyond expectations…

I just need to know…
Are you ready?


Doula Business Activation: Private Mentoring

A 3 month intimate adventure with me, where I help you create a personalised strategy to become a highly sought after doula, to have a business that supports you while you support others, all while getting well paid without the burn out.

Are you up for uncovering your gifts & strengths, to implement them in your biz (and your daily life!) to clear the path for ease, flow and alignment?

No more forcing, grinding or hustle. Nuh-uh! Let’s get you aquainted and loved up with what you’ve already got swirling around you and channel into strategies and processes that truly embrace your natural way of being.
Side effects include unleashing your inner badass, working less and creating (therefore earning) more!

So, you want a biz doula by your side as you grow your doula biz? 


Experience a dynamic 90-minute turbocharged 1:1 session with me, designed specifically for birth workers to ignite rapid growth and transformative change within their businesses

Ready to kick your business into high gear? Let’s dive deep together in a 1:1 private Biz Booster Sesh, where we turn your dreams into reality!

Picture this: You, me, and a focused session where we tackle 1-2 game-changing aspects of your business. It’s not just advice; it’s hands-on, personalized guidance that’s all about YOU! 🌈

By the end of our session, you’ll be 🔥 LIT UP AF, radiating with newfound direction and itching to make waves. But that’s just the beginning!

You in?