Mini Doula Services

Your Birth Bomb Session

For the willing woman seeking more clarity, confidence and feelings of capability around your birth, Your Birth Bomb Session call is for you.
Together, we walk through my signature framework to determine how you want your birth to feel and then the practical steps you can take to achieve it!

Each call is slightly different as I tailor my guidance to your specific needs, and it may stray from what I’ve listed below.
But you can trust the entire is session is designed to guide + support you to facilitate a positive transformation and clear path forward.

This call is for you to…

  • Clarify your vision for birth 
  • Solidify your knowledge around the physiology of birth
  • Understand Labour management techniques (for you and your partner)
  • Unload fears/anxieties you may have and arm yourself steps to release them
  • Create a clear birth map of informed decisions that honor you, while encompassing all the different potential pathways

I’ll doula you to go deep, and develop trust within yourself to navigate your birth, however it may unfold.
It’s my intention you leave the call feeling inspired, excited and SAFE to keep hold of your power and remain in charge of your experience.

PLUS get access to my Customisable Birth Map Summary which gives you a starting point and take you on a journey to understand not only the choices you have available, but which of those choices align with you!

So, lemme summarise what you get…

  • 1:1 access to me, as I provide highly individualised support and guidance
  • Customisable Birth Map Summary
  • Comfort Measures Cheat Sheet
  • Labour Space Prep Checklist
  • 2 x follow up support emails/Voxer support

This is done via video call, so you can pick a day and time that suits you best to chat to me from the comfort of your own home

What people are saying about the call...

Thank you again so much for the call and for sending through all those resources as well. You made me feel so comfortable in sharing all my feelings and fears around birth and held such a non-judgemental space for me to not only air these feelings but feel like I had a hold on them! I left the call feel inspired, empowered and excited for my birth! You are so informed and clearly so passionate about women experiencing birth in a positive way. You can’t help but feel that infectious energy after speaking with you! Thank you for offering this service and for providing so much support to the women you work with
- Aria


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Birth Debrief Call

I'm here to give you the permission to feel grief and gratitude, to feel loss and joy, to feel kinda icky and love your baby.

Is there something about your birth you feel you need to get off your chest?

Did something happen that you feel the need to talk through?

If you’re feeling lost, confused, in a bit of a blur or upset about your birth, this is the place to talk it through and gain validation, clarity and understanding.

I’m not here to give some bandaid solution, to tell you ‘at least your baby is healthy’ or suggest you should be grateful. Nope. Not how I roll.

I’m here for you to fully and apologetically express yourself – and if you’re not even sure how the eff to do that, all I can say is ‘I’ve got you.’

We’ll discuss anything that may need honoring, releasing, awareness or further discussion.

Pick a day and a time that suits you below, and we can chat about alllll the things! And it’s totally fine if you need to pause the call to tend to your new little one. This space is for you, so take up as much as you need!


Postpartum Pow - Wow

Consider this a ‘Postpartum Sanctuary Health Check’.

It’s common to spend so much time planning and preparing for the birth and arrival of the new baby, with little to no planning dedicate to the postpartum period. Most of the time, it’s not until we’re elbow deep in scraps of sleep that we realize we’re just winging it and actually drowning a bit.

So, imagine this: experiencing a postpartum period that was thought about BEFORE the arrival of the baby. When little implementations here and there meant things like finances, food, fluid and fun had their foundations strongly planted! Whilst things might be hard work, they were EXPECTED! And hopefully, a little easier, after putting in the for-work!

With practical tips, I’ll guide you to prepare your sanctuary, so once you’re in it, there’s not much more to do but enjoy it and focus on your new adventure of parenthood, rather than be sideswiped by those physical and emotional changes you had no idea about!

This call is best to do before the birth of your baby, but if you’re finding yourself feeling like you’re overwhelmed, possibly isolated or even lost during your current postpartum period (and postpartum period is not just 1-6 weeks, it’s however long you feel it is!), then pick a time below to arrange a call with me, and let’s get your postpartum sanctuary back to a more comfortable standard.

This package also includes 2 voice memo follow ups to see how you’re going and if anything needs tweaking or adjusting.


Doula at a Distance

Perth birth postpartum doula

Are you vibing with me but just discovered I’m kinda far away from you?

This is PERFECT for all my Perth Mama’s, while I’m up here kickin it in the Pilbara!

Well, I have a solution for you.

Webcam, CHECK. Zoom app, CHECK. Doula, CHECK. You….?

I can support you virtually through your pregnancy! We simply replace our in-person prenatal rendezvous with virtual ones!

I’ll be available for phone/text support 24/7 for anytime you might need a chat, as well as being 100% accessible during your birth via phone – or FaceTime if you want!

You still get all the advice, guidance, love, support and nourishment I have to offer! Plus, the postie becomes my best mate, as I get them to deliver the little treats and surprises I have in-store for you!

If you feel like my energy is something you need, email me here and we can start chatting!