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I help guide women back to their power during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, so they remain present, intentional and in-charge of their experience.

I know you want to emerge from your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey as the leader of your experience, holding on to your power, without sacrificing your needs.

In order to do that, you need guidance recognising your options and making choices aligned with your needs so that you remain the centre of your experience.

And I get it, declaring your needs (and what feel right) can feel super uncomfortable! Especially if you’ve spent a lot of your life pleasing others.

But you know that giving up your voice & truth in order to make others more comfortable, will remove you from being the active-participant of your journey – and that just feels so wrong, doesn’t it?

You deserve so much more than just ‘going with the flow’. I believe you deserve the space to understand the needs of your body, your baby while being bolstered by INFORMED decisions, and then being trusted & respected by your support team!

I know how it feels to no longer feel in charge of your birth. To feel as though the experts want to be the ones leading, and you just willingly follow along (even though you don’t understand). To sense a longing to speak up and choose what feels most right for you, because deep down, you know you’re capable of that.


This is why I trust women unequivocally when it comes to pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Yes, there are experts who have knowledge you don’t – but their role is to provide that to you, and to then TRUST you’re capable to take what you need and land on actions & decisions that truly serve you and your child.

I want you to feel strong in your voice & connected to your inner-knowing so that you can boldly step forward on your journey.

(Remember, the way you felt during your birth will be with you for the rest of your life)

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We're in this together

Working with me is not just about ticking off boxes in your childbirth prep. It’s about activating your voice, amplifying your trust within yourself, and committing to making supportive decisions that feel right.

So, how do we do this? Each journey is SO individualised, and my gift is understanding your unique needs and formulating guidance to suit.

We start with your Vision for Birth, which acts as your guiding light. It’s not about how it looks, but how it feels, which is something you can rely on regardless of how your birth unfolds.
It helps direct your considerations when presented with options or pathways to
ensure it remains in total alignment with the needs of yourself and your baby.

From there, we do all the things like understanding the energetics, biology and physiology of birth & postpartum, and mark these with how you want to experience it, and then I’m there to guide you (using my experience, knowledge and gifts) to keep you plugged in to your power.

And during all this, I am right there with you, allowing you to take up whatever space you need.

I validate, I listen, I activate and I guide.

Feeling safe during pregnancy, birth and postpartum is PARAMOUNT. And I am committed to being someone who elicits this feeling.

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You deserve more than just making it out of this experience alive.
You deserve respect, validation, support and trust.

Your birth is about YOU, not just your scrum-diddly-umptious baby. You are more than just a vessel.

 You are a life-creating goddess and you have the right to be an active participant in your birth. This means YOU make the decisions and you deserve nothing less than support and validation through your journey!
I’ll be there to guide you, inform you, answer your questions, prepare you to expect the unexpected and continually check in and make sure…

 You remain the center of your experience.

I’ll hold your hand, back you up, validate you, permit your tears, listen to you and guide you. I’ll hold space for you and honour you. I’ll witness you. I’ll hear you. And I will create a container of safety, free of judgment and shame.

With a listening ear, comforting touch & gentle words, I’ll soulfully guide you to find your own unique path, and to navigate it with strength and alignment.

I’m not here to give you the answers, but I’m damn good at helping you find the answers that feel freaking right within yourself! 

Your experience with me as your doula, will leave you feeling safe, supported, loved, heard and acknowledged. And a bit (ok, A LOT) like a birthing-badass.

Know you are not expected to navigate this alone.
You are not expected to immediately agree (if at all) to every recommendation from your maternity care provider.
You are not expected to be a martyr, and sacrifice your needs & desires in order to make others feel more comfortable.

You are entitled to be supported. You are entitled to question and even decline. You are entitled to be lavished with encouragement, food, treats, gifts and treated like a goddam birthing queen.

Preparing for birth is so much more than getting your checklists ticked off.
The most IMPORTANT & IMPACTFUL work you can do, is continue to choose what makes you feel most safest & right….even if that means making others feel uncomfortable. 

This radical commitment to your own needs & desires (which naturally consider the needs of your baby too!) is what it means to step into your power.

Your baby is not the only thing being born. You, Mama, are about to be reborn too. 

And I’m here to graciously guide you through this transition, nourishing your body, mind and soul.

With love



Based in Karratha, I serve in a multitude of ways, including in-person or at a distance doula support, as well as mentoring other doulas.


From those two little lines till your womb-mate decides to evacuate, I've got you girlfriend! Our time together will have you feeling excited, capable and supported!


Let's make the space for you and your baby to work together. With me by your side, I'll continue to gently nudge you back to your power, holding you through birth.


I'm here to hold YOU, so you can hold your new little human. Time for some epic nourishment & replenishment while you navigate healing, hormones and creating a soft place for you to land into your motherhood.

Birth Worker Mentor

I help doulas create a personalised strategy to become highly sought after birth workers, to have a business that supports them while they support other people, all while getting well paid without the burn out!

Human Design Reader

Having your chart read by me is another way to connect to your gifts, strengths and unique energy flow. I'll guide you to embrace your natural way of being, and implement into your daily life and/or biz, to clear the path of resistance and tap into more ease and flow.

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