Oh, Hey there!

I hold you in your highest vision of pregnancy, birth and postpartum!

I'm here for you


From those two little lines till your womb-mate decides to evacuate, I've got you girlfriend! Our time together will have you feeling excited, capable and strong!


It's a marathon. But, I'll be with you. Every. Single. Contraction. I'll support you and your partner!


Shit just got real. Don't worry. We're going to navigate those hectic hormones and 'what the f*** do I do with this baby now?' moments together.

Birth Worker Mentor

More than just a birth doula - allow me to doula you through creating your badass birth worker biz!

Human Design Reader

I offer alot, and it's all about guiding you back to yourself and how to utilise everything within. My popular Human Design Readings are another way to guide you!

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Darling Human,

I’m so glad to have you here.

I’m here for you while you navigate the wild & beautiful transformation ahead!

Your birth is about YOU, not just your scrum-diddly-umptious baby. You are more than just a vessel. You are a life-creating goddess and you have the right to be an active participant in your birth. This means YOU make the decisions and you deserve nothing less than support and validation through your journey! I’ll be there to guide you, inform you, answer your questions, prepare you to expect the unexpected and continually check in and make sure…

 you remain the center of your experience.

I’ll hold your hand, back you up, validate you, permit your tears, listen to you and guide you. I’ll hold space for you and honour you. I’ll witness you. I’lll hear you. And I will create a container of safety, free of judgment and shame.

With a listening ear, comforting touch & gentle words, I’ll soulfully guide you to find your own unique path, and to navigate it with strength and alignment.

Your experience with me as your doula, will leave you feeling safe, supported, loved, heard and acknowledged. And a bit (ok, A LOT) like a birthing-badass.

Know you are not expected to navigate this alone.
You are not expected to immediately agree (if at all) to every recommendation from your maternity care provider.
You are not expected to be a martyr.

You are entitled to be supported. You are entitled to question and even decline. You are entitled to be lavished with encouragement, food, treats, gifts and treated like a goddam birthing queen.

Your baby is not the only thing being born. You, Mama, are about to be reborn too. And I’m here to graciously guide you through this transition, nourishing your body, mind and soul.



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Birth Preference for a Gentle Ceserean

Just because you’re having a cesarean (whether planned or unplanned), this does not mean you’re out of the running for a highly personalised, beautiful, positive birth! You can still curate an experience that is ENTIRELY your own! Belly birth is still birth. And you’re not expected to throw the towel in and give up when

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How Fear Affects Birth

Did you know going into birth, without fear, and just excitement and determination, is possible? This powerful, potent and positive experience is YOURS for the taking! Much of the time spent with my beautiful clients is guiding them through releasing their fears and anxiety around birth. How does minimizing fear set the tone for a

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How To Make Empowered Choices in Birth

Choices made in pregnancy, in birth and in postpartum….heck, in life as general as a Mother and just as a person, are yours and yours alone.⁣ ⁣ There is rarely just one right way.⁣ ⁣ There is usually multiple right ways.⁣ ⁣ The only thing that needs to be your compass when making choices, is

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Essential oils postpartum

Essential Oils in Postpartum

These are my go-to oils to use for myself, my clients and the teeny new humans to provide support during those postpartum days! OILS FOR MUM AFTER PAINS Clary Sage, Lavender and Copaiba – apply religiously to lower abdomen and ankle bones (our ankle bones are connected to our uterus) as soon as you can

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Essential Oils in Birth

Essential Oil are a really useful tool to utilise during birth. They contribute to setting up the space, help with consistent contractions, nausea, energy levels and more! The below is what I personally used in my own labour. When it comes to my clients, I use what I’ve outlined here plus I refer to my

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Perth Dynamo Doula

Essential Oils in Pregnancy

The use of Essential Oils in pregnancy can be so powerful, while being completely natural and gentle to the body! As a doula, I’m always telling my clients ‘I have an oil for that!’, and turn up with a bunch of rollers or sprays to help them through their journey. Below, I’ve listed how to

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