I'm your biz doula to your dreams, and I'm going to guide you to everything you have to make it happen!

What brings you here?

You’ve got all that schtuff in you, but sometimes you just need another soul to riff with, ask the right questions, guide you back to what feels good and find clarity.

  Maybe you need a hand nutting out how to structure your course?

 Or direction with the flow of your business?

 Maybe you need some creative copy suggestions to write words about your offering that scream ‘you need dis!’


  Do you need a team mate to help you brainstorm the name of your course/vision/business?

 Have you got some blocks you can’t seem to bust, so you can meet expansion on the other side?

Who it’s for

Soulful biz owners who are ready to get some skin in the game and level the shiz up!

What’s a ‘soulful biz owner’ you ask? Anyone who serves others in their work!

You could be a birth worker, a photographer, a massage therapist, a coach….the list goes on!

A soulful biz owner values abundance (of time and money) and seek expansion and growth on the reg.

You’re ready to do things YOUR WAY and trust success can only follow when you lead with your heart and feel lit up!

If you’re seeking clarity, creative inspiration, direction – Badass Biz Booster Session will serve you!

How it works

A 1:1 60 min video call with me, plus 2 days Voxer support

🔥 LIT UP AF with your new direction and tingling to get started
🔥 With strong structures or processes that were previously unimaginable to you
🔥 A fire in your belly, ready to go on and do it your way (you know you aren’t leaving the call without a pep talk that makes movie football coaches pale in comparison, right?)

Before the call, you'll receive a form to fill out and let a sis know alllll about your biz. where you're at, and what you need to work on!

It could be crafting a new vision or offering
Streamlining processes
Creating a course or program
Launching a course or program
Busting blocks holding you back

You'll leave feeling clear & inspired, and ready to get to work!

Plus I'll be following up with 2 days of Voxer support to help integrate and implement all we discussed, workshopping as we go.



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