Essential Oils in Birth

Essential Oil are a really useful tool to utilise during birth. They contribute to setting up the space, help with consistent contractions, nausea, energy levels and more!

The below is what I personally used in my own labour. When it comes to my clients, I use what I’ve outlined here plus I refer to my bible, The Mini Essentials Guide e-book by Stephanie Fritz for a way more in-depth coverage of how to use oils during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by all the possible blends. The beauty of essential oils is SO many different oils can do the same thing. So pick what feels good for you!

Single Oils For Birth

Any of the below are great to pack in your bag to either diffuse in a diffuser or inhale from the bottle.

💧Clary Sage or Jasmine, for consistent contractions

💧Lemon, for nausea (also, stop using Clary Sage for a little bit if you feel unwell)

💧Wild Orange for energy or nausea

💧Lavender for calming (also great to dab on the pillow or on a flannel to put over your eyes)

💧Geranium for relieving nervous tension and helping the uterus relax

Energy Spray
Great to spritz during the pushing stage, or any time you’re feeling tired. Think Wild Orange, Peppermint, Lemon, Motivate, Tangerine. Grapefruit was my absolute favourite! Pop in a spray bottle and fill with cooled boiled water. A dash of vodka or witch hazel keeps everything mixed nicely.

Calming Spray
Excellent for transition, when many mama’s experience a bit of a wobble. Think alllll the calming oils like Lavender, Juniper Berry, Balance, Cedarwood…whatever calming oils float your boat! Pop in the bottle with cooled boiled water and a dash or vodka or witch hazel.

You will find that you probably won’t reach for absolutely everything, but having all options available will help you feel prepared!

Check out my posts on essential oils in pregnancy and postpartum for more info and resources.


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Essential oils for birth
Essential oils for birth

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