Your Digital Doula

Looking for some fairy & fierce guidance on your journey to a badass birth?

You LOVE the idea of being guided by a doula but don’t feel you need the full, in-person shebang?
Well, welcome to my Doula at a Distance offering.

Essentially, this is all my doula skills, experience, knowledge, guidance and resources that I use with my in-person clients, bundled up into an online setting.

I’m going to coach you, and guide you towards a birth that makes you feel safe, seen and supported.

Each journey is tailored to you and your needs.
It’s intuitively lead and highly personalised.
I’m gonna know you, your dreams, your fears, your wants, needs and desires so deeply, and then we’re going to channel all of that into curating an experience where you remain in the centre of it all, no matter how it unfolds.

During our adventure, we will....

  • Clarify your vision for birth 
  • Solidify your knowledge around the physiology of birth
  • Understand labour management techniques (for you and your partner)
  • Unload fears/anxieties you may have and arm yourself steps to release them
  • Create clear a birth map of informed decisions, that allows flexibility to flow between all pathways of birth
  • Activate your voice, so you know your rights and understand how to advocate for yourself
  • Anchor yourself in the centre of your experience, so you’re part of all choices and lead this journey

Our time together is all about preparing for birth, so when you’re there, you have a sturdy and reliable foundation to allow you navigate it. This preparation is EVERYTHING, because it means you get to remain in charge, yet surrender to the path ahead.
You’ll allow things to unfold as they need to, while ensuring you make aligned choices along the way.
We want this birth to happen FOR you, not to you!

And this is how I work with my in-person mamas to! The power is in the work we do BEFORE the birth.
There’s no guarantee I’ll be there on the day, so we put all our energy into the lead up. And it’s no different when it comes to Digital Doula.

I can’t say it enough….the power is in the work we do in the lead up to the birth.
That is where the changes and shifts are made.

Lemme tell you what you get...


I mean, did we just become Birth Besties?! Let’s dive in to your desires & needs, and get to work creating the experience YOU want! We’ll fill those gaps in birth knowledge. Chat all things birth prep, fear release and how your partner can support you. Plus take an emotional deep dive to do the inner work that’s needed for birth! The list goes on…

Ongoing Text & Email Support

Did you think we only communicate during our 1:1 virtual sessions? No ma’am! I am IN your back pocket. Consider me saved as Jessie – Doula Fairy in your phone. You can text me or call me, anytime. And I’ll be checkin in on you too!

How To Create Your Birth Map Guide

The Birth Map is a beautiful method to create aligned & informed birth decisions, that account for whatever path your birth may take. You ain’t getting locked into a certain plan, and if it goes balls up, the plan gets chucked out he window. Instead, you have a MAP, that allows you to fall back on informed decisions, however your birth unfolds.

The Ultimate Guide to a Positive & Badass Birth Ebook

My doula knowledge has poured itself into this guide – for you to find your way through, gaining knowledge and inner insights along the way. From pregnancy, to postpartum, this guide will help you create an experience that is entirely your own!

Birth Like A Badass: Online Childbirth Education Course

My course covers errythang from choosing an aligned care provider, to birth prep, comfort measures, the variation of normal around birth and what exactly our body is doing, healing and a special video just for partners! This is all about arming you with info to understand how our body functions during birth, and what you can do to support it. Having this understanding is CRUCIAL, because it’s part of allowing you to trust your body and feel safe!

Set of Positive Birth Affirmations

Where the mind goes, the body follows! These downloadable affirmations are designed by me, for you to constantly remind and affirm how strong and capable you are. By frequently reading this messages, you subconscious settles in to these beliefs, and it will be easy to call on in birth!

Guided Audio Meditations

A range of audio delights for ya ear holes! It’s more of that positive messaging, to infiltrate any doubt and soften any fears, on a subconscious level. Our body begins to associate calm, grounded, relaxing energy with these sounds. You’re training your body to respond this way when you hear them, so in labour, even if you aren’t fully listening to them, your body will hear and then automatically soften. And as you’ll learn in Birth Like a Badass, the more softness and less tension, the more efficient your labour will be!

Gift Pack of Goodies

I’ll be posting you some of my favourite supportive treats & goodies like a stunning cord tie, herbal mixes for baths + steams and tonics for labour and postpartum.

I need you to know...

I am not here to give you anything you’re missing, because you already have it all within you.

I don’t fix things, because I guide you to make your own aligned choices and find your solutions.

I don’t advocate for you, because I guide you to knowing your own informed decisions and how to voice them.

But, the purpose of a guide, is to be the mirror and reflect your beauty, strength, softness and power back to you.

It’s not often we can do this work on our own, so seeking the guidance of a trusted and aligned birth keeper will allow you to activate all you have simmering within you.

And that’s why I’m here.

To remind you of your power.
Highlight your strength.
And witness, validate and hold you in the process.

Lemme remind you what's included...

3 x 90min virtual 1:1 doula date sessions

Ongoing text & email support

How to Create Your Birth Map Guide

The Ultimate Guide to a Positive and Badass Birth ebook

Birth Like A Badass online childbirth education course

Set of downloadable positive birth affirmations

Guided audio meditations 

Gift pack of birthy goodies

If you feel the pull...what next?

Then, LET’S DOULA THIS sista!

You can embark on this adventure at any point in your pregnancy – but if you’re getting the ‘heck yes’ tingles, then TODAY would be a great day to saddle up!

The investment for Doula at a Distance a is $1144, and I require a 30% deposit upfront to engage my services and get the party started.

After that, I am more than happy to create a payment plan that works for you, and allows the remainder to be paid by 35 weeks. 
*If you wish to pay the fill amount upfront, you’ll receive a 5% discount.

So, from here…

You can either opt for a Connection Call to get a final vibe check and see if I’m the Digital Doula for you, and then we can from go there.

Or, we can dive straight into this adventure by signing yourself up to my Digital Doula services.

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