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A roadmap to creating Your Intentional Birth that keeps you fully present & in-charge of your pregnancy & birth experience!

(and it WON’T get thrown out the window if your birth needs to take an unexpected path).

You’re gazing into your baby’s eyes, thinking WOW, I JUST DID THAT AND FELT SO POWERFUL

As the sensations of birth roll through your body, you feel grounded and incharge, realising I *AM* fucking doing this

You feel loving hands on your back, a straw is gently placed at your lips, ‘You’re doing incredible!’ is whispered into your ear….it’s happening. The birth where you feel supported, trusted and incharge is unfolding.

You feel connected to your instincts as they take the wheel and you simply surrender

When a choice comes up, you don’t feel blindsided, but crystal clear on the considerations to make in order to land on a decision that honours the needs of you and your baby the most!

It was only weeks ago that you were visualising this birth that felt so RIGHT and SAFE!

But before you got to that point...

You knew birth can’t be predicted.

And you felt unsure how to strike the balance of ‘going with the flow’ and ‘being in-charge

>> You want to have a say
>> You want to remain in charge

But you also want to be prepared for any path your birth takes to unfold

And while you know how you want this experience to feel for you, you’re confused as you constantly hear people tell you that ‘birth plans only get thrown out the window’ and ‘trust the experts, they know best’.

But when you really think about it, you know it’s not true. You know there is more to it. It’s just making it your reality!

You know there is so much more to birth that rocking up, handing your dignity over, and just doing whatever a care provider tells you.

That doesn’t match your vision of being a fully active participant in your birth!

That all goes against what feels right within you. (And I’m here to tell you, you’re onto something! Follow that voice!)

The two things I NEED you to know are:

  1. I unequivocally trust that you will do whatever needs to be done to keep your baby safe.

  2. Whilst we cannot control birth, you have the right to remain in charge and appropriately respond to the unfolding situation in a way that best meets your needs (emotionally, mentally as well as physically!)


You desire (and deserve) a birth where you’re supported by people who trust & respect you

Where you remain connected to your instincts & intuition, so you can flow with your body & baby, but also make aligned decisions best suited to you both, if needed

Where you feel so adequately prepared AHEAD OF TIME, like the work has been done, so you can just allow things to unravel with ease

And the elements required to make this a reality, are within your power, ready at your disposal.

Which is what I want to tell you about….

childbirth program free masterclass

In this FREE value packed 45 min masterclass, I’ll share the same framework I walk my private doula clients through, to create a birth experience that honours your needs, and keeps YOU at the forefront, so you can emerge from birth feeling safe, proud and powerful, ready to step into your motherhood.

This is perfect for pregnant & planning to conceive women, whether you’ve birthed before or this is your first time, with a desire to prepare for the experience of birth, and keep the power in your hands.

Watch the ON DEMAND 45min masterclass!

In this masterclass I'll show you

  • The exact process I walk my in-person and at a distance doula clients through that allows them to feel clear, capable and committed to their intentional birth
  • The elements required to call in to create your intentional birth
  • The considerations to make on a personal level, to ensure your unique needs are being met
  • Fostering trust within yourself, to get through labour, make choices, and be intune with your needs
  • Navigating the system, and how it can work with you, and restrict you
  • How to make Informed Decisions in birth (and have them asserted & respected)


Have we met?



I’m a seasoned birth worker, honored to support over 45 births and counting, since 2019, which included VBAC’s, twins, homebirths, freebirths, inductions and csections.

Plus countless women more, who engaged my services for postpartum and virtual support! The fact that I’ve been part of helping women plant such a positive impact in their experience, that will ripple out through a lifetime, blows my mind every day!

Because that’s what I know to be true about birth – our experience stays with us for the rest of our lives.

We remember how we felt that day, forever.

So we deserve to be supported to prepare for the experience in the most intentional way that aligns with our needs.

Map out your Intentional Birth, keeping your needs at the forefront of your experience, honoring you as the true authority of your birth – regardless of how it needs to unfold.

Come join Your Intentional Birth free masterclass.