Hello. I'm Jessie.

I soulfully support epic humans, like you, through the wild and wonderful journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

I’m also a mother of 3 kids. Lover of puns. Irrational fearer of balloons. And have a backyard full of rescue chickens.

I’m a coffee-a-day kinda person. I love a good chat, and I always want to hear how people are doing. I’m always on the go, with a thirst for growth and knowledge!

I also go through a 1.5kg family size tin of Milo a month….to myself. #skills.

I’m big on keeping things raw and real, with a nice dose of humour. I think the world of ‘Motherkind’ and I’m pretty freaking proud to part of the Queendom. I know what it’s like. I know what pregnancy, birth and postpartum is like. To sum it up, none of it should be attempted alone. You should NEVER feel alone.  I will do whatever is in my power to smooth the path ahead for those about to travel it, and make sure YOU are seen during the process.

I’ve been told I’m ‘a fairy who eats darkness, and shits light’. It’s a little too confronting for my business card, but you can consider me like that! A fairy, who gently and intuitively flutters around, scooping out the crap and breathing light back into your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. I don’t wave a wand and make the darkness disappear, but I absolutely help you move through it so you can shift it and clear space for the good stuff. It also doesn’t mean it will be easy, but you sure as heck won’t be alone.

I’m down for some compassion, care, laughter, and honesty.

I’m here to inform you and respect your choices. I don’t care what your birth looks like. I care that you feel good about it!

I’ve always adored being there for fellow Mum’s, offering advice and understanding where it was welcome. But I knew there was MORE for me in this space, and MORE I could do for birthing people.

I love being there for people, and I am good at it. My intuition is my super power, as it is for every woman, allowing me to ensure women to feel supported and built up, because we are all deserving of that. 

I believe pregnancy, birth, postpartum and motherhood are major, transformative, sacred times in women’s lives where mum’s are often pushed aside, left alone, or not enough focus and support is given to them, because society likes to make us think the only thing that truly matters during birth, is the safe arrival of the baby. We’ve also been infected by the false belief that only martyrs can be mothers. 

I’m here to show you the truth. You can have a devine birth experience, catered around your wishes, ensuring you’re the centre of it all AND deliver a healthy baby. And guess what else, you can take care of yourself and be taken care of by others, whilst being a fantastic mother. You’ll be a BETTER mother.

What I can do with MY power, skills, knowledge, intuition and love, is support YOU, the Mother, the Creator, the Goddess, through this journey, so you come out feeling the absolute best you can. 

You need to be nourished emotionally, physically and mentally, to take on the endless motherhood tasks ahead. 

You need to be witnessed and held. 

I see you, sweet Mama and we’re going to do this together!

THIS is why I’m here. The Bright Birth Co exists to give Mama’s the experience they truly deserve.