The things they don't tell you...but you really need to know!

Want to create a pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience that feels good and entirely yours? 

My Ultimate Guide to a Positive (and Badass) Birth is filled with info, worksheets and cheatsheets, for you to create an informed and aligned experience! 

From choosing the right care provider all the way through to newborn care in postpartum, and everything in between- this book is packed full of my doula knowledge and is perfect for any birthing person wanting to take charge and ENJOY their adventure.

Whether you’re planning to conceive or already cooking your sweet bun, this is for you to ignite your inner voice, amplify her and get clear on what you want…and HOW to get it!

Hi, I'm Jessie!

A Mother of 3, and a pregnancy, birth and postpartum Doula.

I’m here to remind you of alllll that power within.

And, I’m here to cheer you on, as you take on your epic journey, molded completely around what you want!

This book originally started out as a workbook for my birth besties, but then, as I sat there in my pj’s, sipping my tea, typing away…I realised something.

1) I forgot to put sugar in my tea

2) EVERY birthing person needs this…not just those I work with

And so, I created The Ultimate Guide for a Positive (and Badass) Birth for you.

It’s going to step you through from pregnancy, birth and all the way to postpartum!

Get ready!

Are you ready for a complete guide that walks you through your own pregnancy, birth and postpartum prep so you can feel in charge, positive and freaking goooood?


I thought so.
Let me show you HOW you’re going to do this.

Introducing: The Ultimate Guide for a Positive (and Badass) Birth

My doula knowledge has been poured onto the pages, in a mix of info and exercises so you can create the experience YOU want, on your terms, your way!

After working through this book you will...

Perth doula book

Just some of the things included

to ignite your inner voice!

🤎 70 pages of badassery, info, cheat sheets, guides and worksheets set out at a ‘go at your own pace’ way to track along with your journey

🤎 Care Provider Cheat Sheet & Exercise, plus questions to ask, to find the one that aligns with your desires

🤎 The practical stuff like a no-fuss yet essential Birth Bag Checklist & Labour Space Checklist

🤎 Birth Prep Worksheet for you to do your own research and become fully informed on all things birth, intervention, pain relief and more

🤎 Comfort Measures and Labour Management Techniques you can practice to navigate birth

🤎 Info on Breastfeeding, Newborn Care, Newborn Sleep and Healing After Birth

🤎 Fully customisable Birth Map Summary, to clearly outline your informed decisions surrounding all potential pathways – no need to ever throw it out the window because the Birth Map can follow you no matter what path your birth may take.

Choose The Ultimate Guide for a Positive and Badass Birth when you’re ready to get clear on your vision for pregnancy, birth and postpartum

Choose this book when you’re down for some real talk, that allows you to remain true to your own unique desires

Choose this book when you’re ready to take charge of your experience and be prepared for whatever path it takes

All of this

for $37