I'm not in the business of providing you a certain type of birth. I'm in the business of guiding you back to your power, to birth your way.

Hello there, future badass birther

I offer soulful, wholehearted doula services in Karratha, so birthing people & new parents can feel capable, strong, supported and IN CHARGE of their adventure!

Oh my gosh, do you know how much fun we’re about to have? Mmmhmm! This journey doesn’t mean we have to be super serious heads. Nah mate, we absolutely can (and will) infuse it with light, fun and joy!

Consider me your Birth Sidekick. Your Robin to your Batman. Your Hermione Granger to your Harry Potter. Your Willow to your Buffy. Your Dory to your Marlin…without the memory loss.

I will be your confidante, your coach, your cheerleader. A container for your secrets. A holder of space, where you can take up all the space you need without an ounce of guilt.

You can tell me your deepest thoughts and feelings, ones that may have plagued you with shame, and I will simply hold your hand, look into your eyes, smile and wholeheartedly appreciate every word without any judgement. I will make sure you know it’s ok to think and feel all of those things. I will help you unload that weight.

What you want, matters to me. And together, we will keep you the center of your experience. 

You will understand how to use your intuition, your voice and your body, to move through this journey in a way that leaves you feeling like the one who truly held the power.

We will learn things, plan things and prepare things, so you’re ready for the unexpected. You will also feel comfortable surrendering where you need to, so you can embrace the process and enjoy feelings of calm, serenity and freedom.

It’s going to be beautiful, fun, emotional, and at times, a little scary, but it’s ok, because I’ll be behind you for support, next to you for company and ahead of you to pull you through.

We’re going to go on this ride together. I’ll make sure your harness is secure and then we will stick our hands up and scream and laugh and buy the overly priced picture of our unflattering screaming faces at the end, because we LOVED the adventure!

Are you ready to feel strong, capable and at the center of your experience?
Are you ready to confidentially take on your birth and postpartum period with power, so you can look back and think ‘yeh, that was awesome!’?
Are you ready to feel informed and make aligned choices that feel fucking amazing?
Are you ready to laugh and have a wild, fun ride?

Yes? Well, I could be the Doula fairy for you!


Pregnancy Care & Support

Did we just become best friends?! We sure did. 

This is where we get to know each other. What turns you on? What turns you off? We’ll have those deep conversations beyond ‘when are you due?’, ‘how are you feeling?’ and ‘will you find out the gender?’. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Have you been ‘offered’ varying and confusing advice on the same topics?

Are you not actually enjoying the feeling of being pregnant?

Do you feel like you’re missing a connection to your little one?

Are you unsure where to start or how to prepare for the birth you want?

Never fear. *cue sidekick entrance music*. Your birth sidekick is here, and I’m going to firstly remind you that is it more than ok to feel the way you do, and then, we’re going to work on some things to create positive change around the areas concerning you.

We’re going to pay special attention to the energetic journey. Often, the external journey is the focus (like buying all the baby stuff to prepare for the new arrival – I also help here too!) and the inner journey is ignored. But, that’s where the magic happens! I’m here to guide you back to your power! It’s all in there my love!

Through regular doula dates, texts and calls, we’re going to create a real, tangible sense of connection.  We’re going to do all the things fear-busting, tension releasing and anxiety unloading. I’ll guide you to strengthen your relationship to your super power AKA your intuition, so you can really hone in and listen to what she is telling you.

With REAL TALK, we will tackle the topics of relationship dynamics, expecting the unexpected, postpartum healing, newborn care, and SO MUCH MORE, as we ready your postpartum sanctuary in advance.

More details of what our Doula Dates entail can be found in my investment guide.

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Photos by Amber May

Every journey is different, so this is why I do not subscribe to a cookie-cutter, linear approach with my Bright Besties.

Put simply, my job scope is YOU. So my offerings will look different for each woman & birthing person.

I may support you through pregnancy by surprising you with some flowers or maybe your favourite chocolate at one of our visits.

I may attend an antenatal appointment with you, or speak to you on the phone after for a debrief, to help you work through any feelings that have come up.

I may encourage you to dance, or write, or scream, or meditate.

I may take you to your favourite coffee shop, accompany you for a stroll down the beach, or maybe we go and get a manicure together, as we chat about ALL the things!

I may make you go and nap, while I entertain your other children, or tidy up, or fold a load of washing, or do the dishes.

I may load you up with essential supplements or make you smoothies or drop off nutritious snacks.

What we will DEFINITELY do Together is:
– Clarify your Vision for Birth, and work through how to continuously make aligned choices, right for you
– Learn about the who/what/when/where/why of childbirth, in a way that is easy, informative and understandable
– Chat about any previous births, taking special consideration to discuss any trauma or circumstances that may impact this experience
– Practice a plethora of labour & pain techniques to assist you in feeling calm & strong, while giving labour the optimal chance of progress
– Write your Birth Map, which will ensure your informed decisions are met in every possible birth pathway
– Plan for a birth that will leave you feeling empowered and in the center of the decision making process
– Be comfortable with advocating for yourself, knowing your options and navigating through the maternity system
– Prepare for your postpartum sanctuary, postpartum healing and looking after a newborn

And so much more!
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Birth Care & Support

Hooly dooly. Thinking of you, standing in your power, as you bring your baby from the stars and into this world, is giving me the tingles!

From the moment my bat-phone rings to say there’s movement at the station, till you’re freshened up, comfortable and snuggling your new addition, I’ll be in your corner, doing whatever it is you need me to do.

I will intuitively know what you need, because we are well and truly birth besties by now. I mean, you’re going to be naked in front of me and I’m going to witness a human emerging from your body sooo…….

Birth is unpredictable, and it requires adaptation to move through it. This is where I truly come into my stride, quietly navigating each moment, to ensure your needs are met, and your informed decisions are respected. Think of me as a birth space ninja! *whispers ‘hey-yah!’ and does an air kick*


karratha doula

Photo by Cat Fancote

As you run this sacred marathon on your last bit of descension to motherhood, I’ll be right there with you. My support will flow and morph moment to moment, depending on what you need.

It could mean I’m holding your hand, and giving you encouraging words.

I might simply be counting you through each breathe and comforting you with touch.

I could be quietly observing, as your partner holds and supports you.

Or maybe, just witnessing (and silently worshiping) you as you sit peacefully alone, within your power and instinct, as you let your body do its thing.

I might be making sure phones are charged, or putting your socks on, or putting your hair up, with gentle ‘you can do it’ knowing touches, or loving strokes on your back.

My priority is to allow you to stay in your birth bubble. This is the trance-like place you go to, as you sit back and let your body do the work. 

By the time we get to the birth, all the work we’ve done will come to fruition. You’ll be in-tune with your body. You’ll just know how to surrender it. You will not fear birth, you will welcome it with power, strength, serenity and joy. You will use your innate capacity to navigate the experience, and I will be right by your side to keep you on that path. It is ok to waver or wobble, it is ok to break. I will be there to get you back into your body and back into your zone.

If this sounds like the birth experience you’d like have, then you might want to click below.

Postpartum Care & Support

Typically, postpartum is thought of as a caffeine fueled existence, of healing, of hectic hormones, lack of sleep and constant Google searches about the colour of baby’s poo or ‘will formula make my baby sleep longer?’ (spoiler: it does not….I tried it!). People assume it’s a time where Mum’s aren’t meant to shower or eat regularly, and run on fumes.

Well, guess what Mama…yes, postpartum is hard, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! And it certainly doesn’t mean you have to continuously martyr yourself. Instead, you’ll rest, eat and shower as often as possible, because you’ve created support & spaciousness around you for this to happen. It’s you and your baby, together.

As your postpartum doula, I’ll help you harness your intuition and navigate the throws of messy motherhood. With me by your side, you’re going to take the reins back and remain in control of your postpartum experience.

I’m here to remind you that you are MORE THAN A MOTHER! You are a human, a wonderful, deep, intricate and unique human, who is now in the stage of her life where she nourishes another life.

The imprint we leave on this time for you to look back on, will be one of positivity, joy and fun.

Photo by Amy Caitlin

What might my services look like in assisting you maintain your postpartum sanctuary?

We will talk, like REALLY TALK! You will feel so free to truly tell me how you’re feeling. You can unload any thoughts or feelings that are haunting you, and together, we will honour them, respect them and find our way forward.

I may leave delicious meals cooking in your oven or bring around snacks for you to dip into during the day (and night).

I may snuggle your baby while you have a shower, have a nap, or do whatever it is you feel like you need to do!

I might whisk you away to get a massage, or have your hair washed and blow dried, all while I look after your wee one so you can stay in your present moment of pampering.

Or, I might strengthen your love bubble so there is nothing left for you to do but hold your baby.

I may help with some light errands, wash some dishes, fold the washing, walk the dog, make school lunches for your older kids, or read them some books.

After having three kids of my own, I have a playbook of newborn tips and tricks from baths, bedtime, feeding and all that’s in-between to bestow upon you. 

What I do, may look different for every Mother I lovingly support, but the crux of this support is to make sure you are nourished physically, emotionally, spiritually and emotionally.

I’ll work closely with you and your partner to establish and ASSERT boundaries, to allow you to take all the time and space you need to adjust to your beautiful new way of life.

I will take your needs into consideration and form offerings to combat those potentially intense feelings overwhelm, boredom, isolation and loss of identity.

If this sounds like the postpartum experience you’d like have, then you might want to click below.

Doula at a Distance

Are you vibing with me but just discovered I’m kinda far away from you? (I’m located in Karratha, after serving in Perth for 4 years)

Well, I have a solution for you.

Webcam, CHECK.
Zoom app, CHECK.
Doula, CHECK.

I can support you virtually through your pregnancy! We simple replace our in-person doula dates with virtual ones!

Read more about it here.

I’ll be available for phone/text support 24/7 for anytime you might need a chat, as well as being 100% accessible during your birth via phone – or FaceTime if you want!

You still get all the advice, guidance, love, support and nourishment I have to offer! Plus, the postie becomes my best mate, as I get them to deliver the little treats and surprises I have in-store for you!

If you feel like my energy is something you need, head on over here to explore this opportunity to be supported!