Are you ready for a group mentorship, to guide you towards being the best doula you can be...and beyond?

Is this you?

You know being a doula is where you’re meant to be, but feel stuck on the logistics?

You’ve got so many ideas zooming around your head, but aren’t sure how to put them into profitable practice?

You’re having trouble getting clear on exactly what your care of your clients will look like?

You’ve got goals set around how ‘busy’ or ‘booked’ you want to be, but feel a little lost on how to get there?

You need help with structure, direction and processes around running a business and supporting families – while still keeping your soul in the mix?

But you want to be more like this….

Booking out with ideal clients who light you up

Operating your business with ease

Have structure and processes set up to allow for the unpredictably birth work can bring

Lead a joyful, present life whilst remaining flexible as birth work demands

Individualise your care to suit each client, but have a solid foundation to keep things streamlined

Making a living out of doing work that lights you up, and isn’t just some side project


A group mentoring adventure with me, Jessie McGarry. 

A highly sought after doula, fully booked for 2021, after just over a year in business. I am here to show you what I do and how I do it, but in a special way for you to take on and infuse your own essence into it. Leave this journey with direction and excitement for your own unique path forward!

Doula the Doula is for you if...


You’re looking for a birth worker course with a some sizzle, flavour and depth.

You don’t want a CTRL + C, CTRL + V approach handed to you, without any room to be YOU, but instead understand how to design your doula biz your way.


You’re ready to receive guidance & direction, so you can follow your own unique path and reach ‘fully booked’ status.

You have (or are planning to start) your own birth worker business, with dreams of nourishing others, while experience success, freedom and abundance yourself!

I won't teach you a cookie-cutter version of what I did. Instead, I'll draw from my experience and show you how to unlock and uplevel the incredible doula YOU are destined to be.

Who it’s for

This is for the birth worker who knows this is what she wants to do, and believes she can, but just needs some direction to harness all that amazing, soulful support brewing inside her.

This is for the birth worker who wants to work smart, not hard.

This is for the birth worker who wants to level up, finding ease, flow and authenticity in her work.

This is for the birth worker who wants to make a name for herself and be fully booked!

How it will work

I'm all about simplicity. So, let's honour this and keep it simple.
No faff. No fluff.

Just straight up heart to heart chats over Zoom across 4 weeks. There are FIVE pillars I want to walk you through, which will guide you to flesh out your care, design processes, implement structure, and infuse SOUL into your work.
I'll screenshare, draw on a white board, hold things up and whatever I need to do to SHOW you this new direction - it will be visual whilst I talk.

No FB group. No worksheets.
It's just you, me and a fresh notepad that's about to fill with notes!
I'll also give you access to the forms, questionnaires, contracts, offering price guide and legal bits I use.

I have A LOT of juicy, tangible info for you and I believe the best way to get it across is by keeping it simple and cutting out any other fluff, so all you have to focus on is me, and what I'm saying.

It will go something like this....
WEEK 1: Pillar 1 & 2
WEEK 2: Pillar 3 & 4
WEEK 3: Pillar 5 (Part 1)
WEEK 4: Pillar 5 (part 2) and Q&A.

The Q&A is your opportunity to ask more questions, throw out scenarios, workshop ideas or revisit something we've discussed.
I'll also be inviting you to email me regularly with how you're finding things, what you're struggling with, and what you need more advice on, so you can really make the most of our time together.


It’s time to take the leap

  • Uplevel your processes
  • Streamline your work so you can remain in your genius
  • Attract clients who light you up & see your value
  • Solidify your business foundations and admin bits n bobs
  • Curate a community so you can show up unedited
  • Feel solid in your offerings and pricing 
  • Fully lean into the freedom of making your own rules
  • Craft your care that leaves clients AND YOU feeling nourished

The Five Pillars

Pillar One

Business Bits

I get it. We’re here to support birthing families, not do our bookkeeping. BUT, in order to thrive in our genius, we have to keep the biz-bits ticking along.
This pillar will cover ABN to Accounting, and all that’s in between. I’ll tell you about insurance, contracts and other legal bits, plus ways to keep on top of your financials so you aren’t getting to tax time with a zillion receipts to sort through. 

Doula’s and birthworkers are soulful people. We aren’t salesy or corperate. There’s a way to show up authentically (and I don’t mean getting #vulnerable and baring all) so we can deposit our energy honestly, and therefore attract those who need it. Being Seen isn’t just on social media either, it’s website and emails too. I want to show you how to utilise these platforms your way, to find YOUR people! It’s a mix of energetic work and practical tips to find that sweet spot of magnetism.

Pillar Two

Being Seen

Pillar Three

Your People

Clients. For the purpose of this course, I’ll call them clients. In my own biz, they’re called ‘Bright Besties’ because they’re more than a transaction. And these are the people we want entering our business world, right? We want to support people who see our worth, who value us, who are willing to work together and who light us up. I’ll walk you through how to identify and attract your ‘ideal client’, specifically for you! And, there won’t be a hint of asking you to define their age, demographic or interests. It’s deeper than that, and THIS is where I found my momentum in getting fully booked out.

So, you’ve got dreams of how you’re going to support people, but how do you put that into a package? How do you price that package….and nourish yourself with a profit? How do you get people to PURCHASE that package? So many doulas find this part really tricky, so I am here to simplify it, break it down and also give you pep talk to create offerings that you dream of! We haven’t got time for ‘I should do this’ or ‘I should include that’, because you won’t reach your goals that way. When I began creating offerings that felt bloody good & doubled my prices, I began booking out really fast and became the 2nd person a freshly pregnant person would tell, after their partner. 

I’m also going to talk you through diversifying your offerings and creating other streams of income, like I have, with virtual/digital products and courses! This is where you make money while you sleep.

Pillar Four

Crafting Offerings

Pillar Five

Care Journey

From a potential client saying YES all the way to the day you disconnect at the end of your care, I’ll walk you through how to structure it all. Onboarding, prenatals, on-call period, birth attendance and postpartum visits – there’s a way to create processes and structure and still allow for flexibility and personalisation, so each Mama walks her own special journey with you. The aim is for them to feel nourished, and for you to feel good too!

I’ll share how I blend my work with motherhood, and ‘do it all’. But, without the burn out. I’ll share my own practices, tips and advice so you can map out your own client experiences in a way that flows and feels good for you!

This one is a biggie, as we go through contact hours with clients, as well as the work we do outside of that, all the way through pregnancy to postpartum. So it will be split across two parts in the interest of getting super detailed. 

Join me inside…

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Elevated Experience

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Have we met?

If not, I'm Jessie – I'm a mother of 3, wife, milo
lover, multiple business owner and doula.

I began my doula-biz, The Bright Birth Co on November 1, 2019. Within a month, I had my first client. Since then, I’ve been invited to over 20 births and supported over 40 women in-person or virtually.

My 2021 in-person doula services were completely booked out by mid April.

I have also tripled my previous year turnover this financial year.

How? I feel like I’ve found that sweet spot between ‘structure & soul’.

That place between being savvy & smart and sizzle & soul. 

I am a processes person. I can’t help but break things into minute detail and then piece it together for an overall journey. Not everyone can get deep into processes like this, but that’s why I created ‘Doula The Doula’, so I can guide you to designing your own processes & structure which then go on to allow you to flow, find flexibility and have fun, while running your business successfully, and supporting families!

I’ll share my own processes & practices too, but with direction for you to carve out your own.

I’ll give you a tip for free now…it’s all about honouring how YOU want to do things. If you want to learn more, then join me on this adventure!

So, you ready?

enrolments close in…






Elevated Experience

Includes bonus 1:1 45 minute call with me, to talk through and workshop your own doula business
(LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE - currently half full)





enrolments are currently closed

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Are you wondering if you need this?

If you can tick off at least two of the things on the list below, then you belong here!

  • You own a doula business
  • You’re starting a doula business (whether right now or in the future)
  • You’re ready to put your ideas into practice, but need a little structure
  • You feel it deep in your bones, that birth work is where you’re meant to be – but you’re unsure of the logistics
  • You know a little guidance and direction would be the perfect kick start you need
  • You want to feel clear about how to structure your care
  • You’re seeking clarity around your direction, structure, offerings and/or pricing
  • You don’t want to feel intimidated by the ‘admin’ parts about running a business
  • You’re unsure how to blend structure & soul, but know there must be a way
  • You want to work with people who light you up, but you’re not sure how to find them
  • You’ve got a big picture in mind but need help with the details

If you have hesitation, here’s what I have to say…

  • Is it the price? Well, you need to understand this is an investment in you. And the prices I decide on are very, very intensely thought out, and the exchange value serves me & my family, whilst also being accessible for you. (Plus, I have payment plans)
  • You’re nervous about uplevelling? Yeh, I get it. Growth isn’t the most comfortable of things. But holy moly, is it epic?! (rhetorical question!) Does it excite you to picture yourself looking back and seeing how far you’ve come? And I’ll be right by your side for it all!
  • 4 weeks feels like a long commitment? This course is packed with info, and if I dump it on you in a short space of time, you won’t retain half of it! It would be irresponsible of me to make you do that. 
  • You don’t think you’ll be good enough? Well, how many times have you scrolled this page and felt your intuition say this is good for you? Listen to that.
  • The willingness and readiness needs to come from you – I’m not here to convince you.

Got Questions?

This course will fit well no matter where you are on your journey. Whether it’s a future dream, about to start, or you’ve been doing it for a while. The info is easily adaptable for wherever you’re at on your journey.

I am not educating you on childbirth or how to be a doula – I am sharing my own processes, practices and how I derived them, to work for me and create a profitable business. I will share these across two prongs – 1) Client Care and 2) Business & Marketing

Every single pillar will still provide immense value for you. In the last pillar, I will talk about attending births, but the tips, info, self care practices etc will very easily translate to your care asa postpartum doula too.

The info, practices and processes in this course are easily adaptable to any line of birth work. You will get as much value out of this as a doula.

How many times have you scrolled this page? You’ve made it all the way to the bottom. Something is keeping you here. If you take that leap, know I’ll be on the other side holding you tight and supporting you through this adventure. I also don’t know how often I’ll run this – so it could be a while till I open another intake, if at all.

There will be one a week for 4 weeks. I always like to ask everyone what times are best, and create a schedule with the aim of getting everyone to at least one live. If not, no problemos. I will send the replay within 24-ish hours to everyone.

The calls will be around 1-1.5 hours long. However, I can’t put a time on your integration journey. We’re all different.

I have intentionally decided to forgo a Facebook group for this training. They can easily feel overwhelming, and content can get lost. So, I want to keep this as simple yet effective as possible. Don’t forget, I am opening the lines of communication up so we can email or IG chat/voice memo to move through things. 

I’m not naive, and I know there is a chance this could happen. HOWEVER, I’m trusting those who join me, will use my practices and processes I share as inspiration and direction, rather than the answer to their own business. Plus, we don’t need 100 Jessie’s everywhere!

If you have ANY questions about Doula The Doula, know I’m here for you and you can email jessie@thebrightbirthco.com.au for a chat.

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