Doulas ready to serve…

You wanna get out there and nourish, hold and truly serve mamas, through a consistent flow of dream clients, while making a name for yourself and getting paid abundantly for it!

Essentially, you have so much to give, and you just want the mamas to give it to!

If you want to feel confident attracting people into your world, who consistently take up your offer to support them, then keep reading!

To the doulas ready to be fully booked with aligned clients receiving your LIT services…

I see how capable you are to make a positive impact on the lives of women navigating pregnancy, birth and postpartum! 

And with all that, I know…
  • You want all the people looking for your kind of service to actually find you (and not only find you, but work with you!)
  • You want them to instantly feel welcomed into your world, and realise you are what they need to be held to their highest vision of pregnancy, birth and postpartum
  • You want your doula services to be revered and highly sought after
  • You want your powerful, deeply energetic work to be understood and recognised for the value it holds
  • You want to continue this work for the long haul, so it needs to nourish you financially
  • You want to consistently attract dream clients in need of your nourishing services

And you want to do all this with integrity!

You want it to feel FUN, PLAYFUL, ORGANIC.

…..not salesy & yuck.

Let’s comfortably invite people to buy your services!

So, to do all that, you’re going to need some essential strategies!

These strategies are a mix of practical and energetic. Think ‘strategy meets soul’ actionable moves within your biz that will clear the invisible wall blocking all those people in need of your services from magnetizing to you.

Strategies that will change the way you feel about SELLING, and turn it into something you can do naturally. 

These are the kinds of changes that will make showing up on social media feel less daunting.

These are the kinds of changes that will stop you wondering what the heck you should post about.

These are the kinds of changes that will clearly convey exactly what you do, how you do it, why YOU should be the one to do it and how people can make having you as their doula a reality!

Your work is needed, and there are so many people out there looking for it. But if you’re not doing your end of the deal and actually putting your offers out into the world, consistently, then you’ll keep feeling left behind.

But I get it…

You’re bursting to get out there and hold, nourish and guide mamas but it feels like you’re never going to get the opportunity to do it!

You’re well and truly capable of being a freaking excellent doula, providing a ripple of impact but it feels like you’re playing hide and seek with potential clients.

You’ve got your packages set up, your books are open, your biz is ready to be operational. You’ve posted about your services once or twice, maybe mentioned a few inclusions. 

But *crickets*. You’re a doula, without enough people to actually…doula.

My gosh, that’s gotta feel frustrating! And maybe a little bit defeating?


I mean, it’s not too much to ask!?

Nope. It’s not too much. It’s actually entirely possible for you!

A great mindset, mastered messaging and confident marketing will help you attract aligned clients and sell your services TODAY, and into the future…so you can be *FULLY BOOKED!*

*PS. Fully Booked is at a capacity you decide. Whether it’s 3 clients a month, one a month, or one every couple months…

This program has been sitting on my soul for some time! And after fully tuning in to what doulas need right now – it’s clearly MORE PEOPLE TO SERVE!

The way I see it, the more doulas leading sustainable, financially nourishing businesses, the more access women + families have to this much needed support. It’s a WIN/WIN!

You and I have work to do, and it’s making sure mamas of this world (and their children) know they are deserving of the support + guidance we provide! So let’s bloody do it.

The problem is, getting your biz, energy and services infront of these people, and then converting them into clients, can feel like a monumental task…but can I let you in on something? It’s not that hard when you have your messaging down pat, your marketing is bomb, you’ve got crystal clear invitation pathways and your offerings light up every inch of your soul. 

I’ve been running my own doula business for almost 4 years now, and one thing I know when it comes to connecting people with our work, is that it’s really about embracing INTEGRITY.

We can have this misconception that telling people about the offerings we have can only come across one way: sleezy and salesy. 

But the thing is, we can sell our services authentically, organically, naturally and with integrity, and have a consistent stream of aligned humans taking us up on our offer to be their doula!

It’s just going to take some simple yet powerful mindset shifts, refinement of processes, clarity around clients we want, mastered messaging and solid marketing strategies!

And that’s exactly what The Fully Booked Doula is going to walk you through!

I’ve used these processes, practices and mindset tools since day dot in my biz, which was almost 4 years ago! 

Over time, I have continued to refine and perfect them.

 And the effectiveness speaks for itself…within 6 months of declaring my books open as a doula, I was fully booked. 

These are the same processes I share with my doula biz clients, who are now emerging as leaders in the industry and creating ripples of impact through both their local & online community!

These are the 3 key areas I pay close attention to, when implementing effective magnetising + converting strategies within my business, and those of my birth worker clients.



None of this ‘25-35yrs of age and likes long walks on the beach’ demographic bull dust. Let’s get to CORE of who these people are! Their desires, beliefs and values and then know exactly how to speak to that (this is where I’ll show you how to never run out of content ideas again!).



You’ll audit your current or emerging offerings, ensuring you’ll only be inviting people into the ones that fully feel like a FUCK YES. As well as presenting these offerings with the clearest messaging, so that your clients can picture themselves in your care, self identifying them as someone who needs you!



We have to doula these people through the process, and guide them through how to connect and work with you, using crystal clear, streamlined and converting invitation pathways so that they don’t tap out and wander off due to confusion. Let’s lighten the mental load and explain what’s next.

When I first began, I never wanted to appear SALESY. But, I also knew I had to actually do some *selling* so I could attract people into my world, and be engaged as their doula. So, I played with just being my silly self. I embraced my unique energy and quirks and infused intentional tactics and methods. I showed up wholeheartedly and discovered a way of merging SOUL with STRATEGY.

This is what led me to be positioned as a trustworthy human to be invited into the deeply personal, vulnerable and transformative space of birth and postpartum for countless women!

I became known as a familiar face.

As a doula who booked out fast.

As a service that was highly sought after.

And fucking great, intuitive, guide for any women wanting to be connected back to her own power and kept in the centre of her experience.

Yes, I was already all of those things, but the difference was more and more people KNEW about it!

And I want people to know about YOU! So that they call you into their experience too!

So, what’s inside The Fully Booked Doula?

4 x 60 mins LIVE classes

Over 5 weeks, we’ll meet within our own virtual vortex for our live calls jam packed with practical, instantly implementable guidance for you to attract clients and sell your services with confidence. If you can’t make it to the live calls, the replay will be available to everyone, housed within your own private online portal. Plus, you’ll have ongoing access to this valuable content!

Integration Week

After the first week, you’ll have a some needle-moving homework to do, to create immediate shifts and potent refinement within your biz. I’m all about taking the pressure off, and minimizing overwhelm. So this week will be energetically dedicated just to that, before we reunite the following week to resume our live calls! During this week, you’ll be invited into my primary inbox on Instagram to keep me updated with the changes, tweaks and edits you’re implementing.

Class Schedule

And don’t forget, the replay will be made available to everyone to watch back, whether you make it live or not

Class 1: Tuesday, Oct 3, 10am AWST
INTEGRATION WEEK: 9th – 15th Oct
Class 2: Tuesday, Oct 17th, 10am AWST
Class 3: Tuesday, Oct 24th, 10am AWST
Class 4: *FRIDAY*, Nov 3rd, 10am AWST

Plus, enjoy some super spesh bonus perks to truly supplement the momentum created in the live calls, including:


This is one of my signature tools used when guiding others (I use Vision for Birth for my doula clients with powerful results) to help get you crystal clear on exactly what you want within your biz, providing an anchor of clarity to fall back on for guidance every time a decision/move/action needs to be made within you biz, while keeping you totally locked in to your own truth, needs and desires.


A fully customisable template for you to understand the flow of a converting, clear document that lays out exactly what you offer, how you execute it and how to be paid, while utilising the art of story telling and allowing the reader to clearly picture themselves as the recipient of your nourishing support.


A deep dive into my tried and tested workflow sequence, which takes a client from enquiry, through to saying YES, and onboarding! I’ve used this process from the very start. In this map, I’ll take away a bunch of guess work explaining exactly what apps/software choices you can use to make this streamlined process that allows enquiries to flow in WHILE YOU SLEEP, a reality!


After our first call, get ready for me to drop a special recorded training to keep the momentum flowing in time for Integration Week. I’ll walk you through exactly what to review + refine within your business, focussing on what truly resonates with you, eliminating any ‘shoulds’, so your biz feels authentic and aligned with your unique style and utlises your unique strengths.

PS. When every inch of your biz lights you up, it’s bucket loads easier to share, market and sell!

“It really has changed the trajectory of my biz for the better”

I can confidently say that this has been a huge turning point in my biz. Everything I wanted from this experience came to life. It really has changed the trajectory of my biz for the better & I would never have been able to do that without Jessie’s help, love & support.

– Tess Bachelor, Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Doula

Get onboard the early bird discount before September 25 and SAVE!

The investment for this program is the lowest it will ever be.

I want this to feel accessible, so you can learn + implement these teachings, and serve MORE people!


3 x monthly payments



1 x Upfront payment


How it works…

The Fully Booked Doula is a live program, kicking off on Oct 3 for 5 weeks, but you’ll have ongoing access to the content (including the perks) so you can revisit anytime.

Our 60 min live class via zoom happens on Oct 3, followed by a bonus drop in training to give you some important, practical things to review + implement within your business during the Integration Week.

After implementing the things I share in the bonus training, you’ll be left with offerings, inclusions and an overall vibe of a biz that TRULY lights you up from every angle – ready to come back together once a week for the remaining 3 weeks for our live classes and learn how to authentically sell the shiz out of you biz!

Listen, there’s something I really want you to know

The key to people engaging your services means they’re sold on both your ENERGY + YOUR SERVICES. In this work, it’s a package deal.  It takes a unique approach to simultaneously sell both, without feeling like a sleezy sales person. But, it’s not difficult. It just takes some super simple yet potent shifts, tweaks and implementations within your biz so that you can wholeheartedly, confidently and consistently represent a rock solid, trustworthy brand that helps birthing women visualise you as part of their journey. And INVITE you into it. So many doulas are ready to serve at the front line, but just aren’t sure how to consistently attract their clients.

And that’s where I come in.

Hey, I'm Jessie!

I’m an experienced, highly sought after pregnancy, birth and postpartum doula and mentor to other doulas creating the birth worker biz of their dreams. 

I’ve been serving in the birth world for 4 years now, so I know a thing or two about the nuances of the industry.

And once I secured my first client, the rest kept on flowing. Within 6 months, I was fully booked and well in advance! 

My marketing, messaging and invitation pathways all fell into place, and flowed to call my dream clients in, and guide them through to engage me as their doula.

I had 2-3 clients a month, who were paying between $1800-$4200. On top of that, I was selling courses, workshops, events and products to support birthing people. After 18 months, I was consistently making $10,000+ a month in revenue, within a business that truly reflected how I wanted to serve!

As a process driven, efficiency seeking 1/3 Projector, Gemini Sun and Aquarius Rising + Moon, I’m here to figure this all out through trial and error, and through my experience, I formulate guidance to share with others so they can meet less resistance.

This isn’t a cookie cutter approach, but guidance for you to cultivate aligned messaging and marketing, in order to attract YOUR dream client and serve them!

Because if I know one thing, you HAVE to be authentic, and represent your unique energy within your biz so that you can easefully sell it!

Then, the trick is to infuse some strategy into the soul, for it to all fall into place!

So, are you in?

Are you ready to be The Fully Booked Doula?

The fully booked doula is consistently receiving enquiries, because her potential clients felt clear navigating her world once they were invited into it.

The fully booked doula is confident when it comes to showcasing her services, because she knows her work is potent + powerful, and needs other people to know they deserve it too.

The fully booked doula shows up with ease, providing so much value, impact and education through her content, it’s so easy for others to imagine themselves in her care.

“Jessie is a natural teacher”

Jessie has blown us away with her incredible storytelling and ability to take you on a journey. A journey that you didn’t know you needed until you got to the destination.  
Jessie is a natural teacher. She has a way with words like no one I have met before and makes you feel like you can take on the world after being in her space. 
– Belle Verdiglione, Photography Coach and founder of The Camera Queens
Photo by Cat Fancote

I’m sure you’ve heard me say this alot…

People NEED this support. 

People NEED your work.

But if you aren’t SELLING IT CONFIDENTLY, no one is going to consistently buy it.

Darling doula, we need you in the game for the long haul!

I know you’ve got what it takes to make a difference, and be a wondrous part of women’s journeys…so please, lets get you out there and doing it!

Let’s bridge the gap between the clients looking for you, and your divine support!

And these strategies, processes and implementations are going to take you there!

Here’s what you’ll learn…

Be guided through a transformative journey to boost your perception of self-worth, tame your ego, and break free from limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from confidently showcasing your doula services. Discover the power of crafting a crystal-clear ‘Vision for Biz’ as your guiding compass for every decision. Realign your energy to embody the doula you aspire to be today and peel back the layers to build a business that authentically aligns with your core beliefs, values, and desires. Unleash your true potential and step into your doula journey with purpose and clarity.

Learn to sell not just your service but your unique energy too, in a super authentic, easeful way! (In this work, it’s a package deal! You HAVE to sell both!) Together, we’ll craft a content plan that connects with your dream clients authentically. We dive into understanding who your dreamies are, and EXACTLY how to speak to them, whilst staying true to your own values. After this call, you’ll never stare at your phone wondering what the heck to post about again!

Create clear, converting and effortless pathways for clients to explore the potential of working with you and take the next steps to easily engage your services. No more clunky confusion, just streamlined workflows with potential clients booking in to connect while you sleep!

Work smarter, not harder. Take your biz to the next level, expanding your offerings & engagement with the community, so you can spread your light even further by creating multiple streams of income beyond your 1:1 in-person doula services.

Jessie, you are the shit girlfriend! Badass biz babe!

Without Jessie, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Her guidance within her courses and beyond has given me the nudge to create Doula magic!

Jessie, you are the shit girlfriend!!! Badass biz babe!

The love and appreciation I have for you is way beyond what you’ll ever know.

– Tori King, Postpartum Doula at Heart + Held

This is for you if

>> You’re a doula ready to take on clients, or already have clients but want to attract more.

>> You want to feel grounded in your content creation, instead of constantly creating things on the fly with panic posts, and then ghosting for weeks while you await inspiration.

>> You want simple, reliable processes to implement within your biz, that will easily adapt to your unique offerings and energy.

>> You are ready and willing to serve clients, you just need to get them through your doors!

This is isn’t for you if

>> You’re still getting your business started and aren’t yet able to facilitate clients because you’re still nailing your packages, setting up bank accounts etc. (You can check out my self study program, Doula The Doula to guide you through creating an aligned and sustainable biz)

>> You think winging it and going with the flow is the only strategy you need. I mean, I get it! Doula work is hugely energetic, and forcing structure can feel yuck. But, it’s about clarifying and creating strategies that help you consistently reach those in need of your services.

The Fully Booked Doula is designed for doulas who are currently in service, or ready to be in service, looking to attract more aligned clients to support on their pregnancy, birth and/or postpartum journey!

ALL doulas are welcome! Whether you’re Postpartum Doula or Full Spectrum, and anywhere in between, this program will serve you when it comes to confidently sharing your services and attracting consistent clients.

For this round, it’s not part of the vision to have a Facebook group. I’m going to be delivering lots of practical, actionable guidance and you’ll want the space to execute it, without the pressure of needing to show up in a FB group.

The calls will be scheduled for 10am AWST. The first three classes will fall on a Tuesday, and the last class will land on a Friday. BUT, as always, the replay will be available to everyone in your own private online portal and you’ll have on going access to the content!

I’ll be there facilitating all the live calls, and dropping in the bonus recorded training into your portal. And, during the Integration Week, and for the rest of the program, you’ll be welcomed into my Primary inbox on Instagram for any on-the-spot guidance I may be able to provide.