I know you want to be connected with what you already have within, so that you lead a life of ease, optimally operating within the world in the most aligned way!

Whether Human Design is an entirely new concept to you, or you’ve poked around this modality for a while, it’s time to uncover how you’re most efficiently designed to engage with the world around you, by understanding your unique energy flow and strengths at your disposal and embracing them in your every day life.


I hear you,

You’re tired of spinning your wheels whilst feeling sticky & stagnant.
Your purpose feels foggy. Your passion is dim.
You’re done feeling frustrated or bitter about how you’re currently utilising your energy.

You KNOW there is a better way…it’s just a matter of becoming aware of the info you need for this to become YOUR WAY!

The constant resistance is making you feel exhausted, and you just wanna find that spark within you again, so you can walk a path of ease, flow and joy.

I believe everything we need is already within. You aren’t missing a single thing! But maybe you just need some guidance to remember it? 

To explore and uncover the magic you’ve got. And then once you access it and embrace it, you can just take a big exhale that you’re *FINALLY* where you’re meant to be, interacting with the world in a way that it best suited to you!

When I first discovered Human Design, I was a burnt out ‘energiser bunny’, constantly on the go, pushing and forcing, and sacrificing it all to get a A+ in ‘Hustle & Grind’.

After diving into my chart and doing my own learning, I quickly realised the way I was channeling my energy (in terms of motivation, drive and will) in a completely incorrect way for how I was designed to operate in the world!

Instead of holding a million things at once, I was best at working in focussed surges, where I would achieve SO much in a short time and then needed to rest after, rather than trying to pack my time with more things in order to feel productive. 

I also learnt more about my decision making process, which allowed me to create a deeper sense of trust and patience in permitting my unique process to unfold and find clarity with soooo much more ease!

I was able to shed so much harsh conditioning that yanked me away from who I really was.

Overall, my life changed for the better. I was more settled in my purpose, how I did things, my relationships, my voice, my expression….EVERYTHING!

Human Design gave me a stunning blueprint and bucket loads of permission to embrace parts of me I had once ignored.

And the moment I honored them and implemented them into my life, ease, flow and comfort found its way to me in troves. 

Over my time as a Human Design Reader, I’ve developed a frame work to help countless others hone in on the strength and gifts within, and to then create strategies to implement them into their daily life to experience immediate transformations and greater sense of ease.

Using my unique framework – AWARENESS, INTEGRATION, EMBODIMENT – I’ll guide you to make immediate changes, create new habits, face sticky conditioning and lock on to new, supportive ways of doing things so that you anchor into ease, joy, and the path of least resistance NOW and well into the future!

During our 90 minute 1:1 video call, I’ll walk you through your chart and the key elements so you can develop a clear understanding of this modality and how it applies to you.


This is what we’re doing in the reading! I’ll translate important, potent elements of your chart so you can understand certain traits, conditioning, desires and challenges about yourself. This step usually highlights the conditioning you’ve carried, and helps clarify what needs to be released in order to move forward.


During your reading, I’ll intuitively guide you with practical things you can implement to begin forcing new supportive habits. Really, that’s all this is! Shedding old habits for new! But it can take time, and my guidance is around giving you the tools, info and advice to grow your new habits daily. I’ll arm you with exactly how to face the resistance that shows up as you work through this, using your uncovered gifts and strengths.


This is when all that work comes together, and you’re truly embodying your design. It takes time and effort, but this stage is inevitable! In the reading I outline what this looks like for you, and the work to be done to get there, so you leave the session with a crystal clear sense of direction.

What others are saying...

Are you ready to come home to yourself?

To deepen your understanding of exactly who you are, and use the power, strengths, skills and gifts already waiting at your disposal to craft a life of more ease?

First you’ll select a day & time from my availability to schedule your reading, then you’ll fill out a form which will provide the info I need for delivering the most highly personalised experience!

Then, keep an eye on your emails for the link to our call! And I’ll meet you there.

*You do need your birth time, date & location. If your exact birth time isn’t known. please email me jessie@thebrightbirthco.com.au and I can talk you through how we work with this.

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