I know you want to be connected with what you already have within, so that you lead a life of ease, optimally operating within the world in the most aligned way!

Who it’s for

Human Design is a modality that seeks to guide people back home to themselves. It’s a remeberance of the inherrant parts you were born with, but may have been stepped away from during your life.

When we come back to these parts, we learn how to correctly allocate our energy, and my gosh, life really opens up when we start to do this. We feel more content, more clear, more joy….we get to thrive rather than just skim by on the surface, trying to survive.

By understanding your very unique, special energy, you can then make small but mighty shifts within your life to allow more ease, joy and comfort. And that is what I am here to highlight for you.

How it works

Firstly, you submit some deets that allow me to bring up your 'Human Design Chart'. To you, it will look like a bunch of shapes, colours and lines. But to me....I see YOU!

I see your beauty, your strengths, your challenges and within that, all of your opportunities for growth and expansion.

And then I'm going to break this down for you, and explain it so you can take it on board and create positive shifts within your life to return to alignment. I'll walk you through the important parts you need to know, which will probably give you some whiplash as you nod along profusely going 'OMG THIS IS ME!!!'. But the key is, I affirm a bunch of stuff which provides deep understanding and awareness of who you are, and then.....how to come back to using your energy best.

'Alignment? That's such a buzz word. What does that even mean?' Well, in the world of Human Design it means you're using your energy, skills, voice, creativity, love etc in a way that fits best with all the good stuff that makes you, YOU. Without diluting it down to some magicless description, it is essentially a 'recipe' for feeling fucking good & right!

For example, if you were a Projector (ahum, this is me!), then you're designed to work in short bursts, but you can achieve more than most people can during that time. THEN, it is essential you rest and replenish when you've hit your capacity or finished, rather than fill your plate with more to try and achieve some sense of worth. But, when a Projector doesn't know this about themselves, they are busting their butt, burning out, and spinning their wheels. Can you imagine the shifts someone would experience to just learn this? They could feel rested yet incredibly productive. They can learn to trust their energy dips and bursts, so they can efficiently take advantage of each.

At this point, I am offering recorded readings only, with the hope of eventually opening up to live 1:1 readings. You do need to know your time, date and place of birth. If you don't know, message me on Instagram and I can help you find your aligned time.

*Please allow 7-10 business days for your 30-45 minute Human Design Reading recording to be delivered to your inbox.

So, are we doing this?



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