I know you want to be a highly sought after and well paid doula, serving birthing women by making a positive impact on their journeys, all while knowing you can continue to carry out this hugely energetic-giving work without risk of reaching that notorious birth worker burn out.

Basically, be highly fucking sought after, be able to consistently show up and serve all the clients, and without burning the fuck out like do many other doulas do!

to the doulas ready to amplify their impact whilst being held by a nourishing business...

I know you’re busting your butt, and I know it’s because…

> You want to wrap as many mamas as possible in your loving support
> You want to create a long-lasting impact on the lives of people you serve
> You want a business that nourishes you financially, while you nourish others
> You want to be known as the go-to doula, which also means a consistent flow of money & clients

In order to uplevel your birthworker biz game, you need a personalised strategy utilising your gifts & unique energy so that you can flourish in your zone of genius: serving clients, whilst your business ticks along with the streamlined, efficient processes you implemented. 

When your business holds you, your capacity to hold others remains uncapped.

The thing is, whilst the passionate flame to deeply serve women navigating pregnancy, birth and postpartum burns so red-hot, you just don’t know how to get your ducks in a row and ground into your gifts to make the receival of your services a consistent reality.

And be paid for it!

And that makes you worry you might not have what it takes to be in this work for the long haul, fearing birth worker burn out that many succumb to, and all the money and energy you invested ends up being for nothing.

 But, let me tell you something: tapping out is not an option, because you and the important, nourishing and supportive work you have to give is so NEEDED!

You CAN grow your business, and unleash the badass biz-woman within, by tapping into your power and utilising your strengths, coupled with some strategy. 

And that’s what I’m here for!

listen up, buttercup...

I believe you don’t need to sacrifice your own needs, or do what everyone else is doing but instead remain tapped into your own power so that you can expand into your full potential.

 When you serve, and do business from a place that’s truly plugged into your soul’s vision, harnessing your strengths, you’re positioned as a trustworthy, impactful guide for clients who NEED your support

AND you’re sustained by a streamlined, efficient business as you show up and guide.

Utilising these strengths, and embedding them into personalised strategy (while still keeping that soul-sizzling unique flare of yours), you build the essential foundations for consistently magnetising dream clients, and welcoming a reliable flow of money.

welcome to


A 3 month intimate 1:1 adventure where I activate individual doulas to connect with their power & gifts within, to lead a thriving, sustainable and aligned birth worker biz while consistently making an impact on the lives of those they serve in pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

This is where you'll uncover and activate your strengths, and learn how to consistently work with them, so that you aren't at risk of hitting burn out, and will stand out as a go-to doula.

PS. This is where the game changes and growth begins! When you no longer try do things the way everyone else does, but instead harness what you've already got!

I knew I needed to create this kind of support for other doulas!

I totally understand how it feels to easefully hold your mamas for days, but feel like you’re freefalling within your own business!

Guiding, validating and holding mamas? It comes naturally.

Doing all the backend biz-bits that are the essential lifeforce of your birthworker entity.*slams laptop shut*.

It wasn’t long into my doula journey that I was juggling multiple births, prenatal visits and postpartum mamas every month when I realised ‘hoping for the best’ was a one way ticket to birth-worker burn out. 

This stuff wasn’t in my doula training, so it was up to me to figure this out!

After quickly implementing aligned, streamlined processes that truly honoured my strengths, needs and desires, I was back at the helm of a sustainable biz as a highly sought after doula, while deeply impacting my clients with lifechanging support, all while enjoying my growing family.

But what do I actually mean by ‘honouring my strengths’?

> Getting crystal clear on how my energy (in terms of will, drive and motivation) specifically cycles, and aligning a work schedule to that (SPOILER: I worked less and created, sold and earnt more!)

> Anchoring into my Vision for Biz, and devising actionable steps in support of that

And this is why I’ve spent the past four years practicing, course correcting and seeking efficiency within my own business in the areas of offer creation, selling, client management and admin essentials to ensure I can retain the energy needed to get out there and be a hands on guide to birthing women and families, all in total alignment with what felt most easeful for me by harnessing my gifts

By doing all *that*, I created my own framework for uncovering strengths, and how to apply them, so that I could consistently create, sell and delivery my services.

 Within my first year of taking on clients, I was being engaged for 2-4 packages a month that ranged from $1800-$4200, whilst also selling out supportive programs and products. I became a well known go-to doula, not only in Perth, but nationwide, broadening my community and service across Australia. 

What helped me most achieve this was my commitment to my vision and how I wanted to FEEL within my business, harnessing my unique gifts and doing things MY way which lead to the creation of a streamlined business beneath me, and positioned me as a trustworthy guide desired to join the journey of others.

I am the doula to other doulas, where I harness my own unique gift of seeing the magnificence within you, and formulating resonating guidance so you can see it too, and then use it for your own success!

And here’s how we do it

All aboard! Together, we’re embarking on a 3 month mentorship journey, where my guidance is highly personalised to you, and your needs, with a supported focus on the following areas…


First things first, let’s get clear on your Vision for Biz, which acts as your guiding light for any choice or action you need to take so that you make more intentional and profitable decisions and have a business that feels more easeful and spacious for you to run and be visible in. 

A commitment to honouring this ensures you build a business that is true to you and in turn, effortlessly showcases your unique energy and increases your visibility as a stand out doula.


After that, I’ll walk you through a live Human Design reading, where I reflect your gifts, strengths and explain how your energy is designed to most optimally interact with the world. THIS SHIT IS THE KEY to clearing resistance and getting yourself on a path of more ease. 

Once this is understood, we start making moves to implement the use of these strengths so that you can say goodbye to trying push shiz uphill, and instead welcome a flow that will endlessly support you.


Then, we’ll audit your business by way of exploring the details of your current offerings, and ensuring you’re left with packages that truly reflect how you want your soul work to exist in the world. This ensures that you actually have the space to be visible in your business because you’re working smarter not harder and making sure that every inch of you is lit up by what you do and providing a clear pathway for other people to experience it. 

then the real magic happens

Using the gold from these steps, we’ll create a personalised and individualised plan of what strategies and streamlined processes will suit your business, specifically in the areas of offers, client attraction and management, onboarding and day-today- business operations. 

By this stage, you’ve realised it’s not about doing what everyone else is doing, but actually creating strategies & processes in complete synchronicity with your own gifts and strengths so you can fully expand into the doula you’re destined to be.

here's a look at how it's gonna roll

Our Calls

Each month for three months, we get to catch up TWICE with two private sessions.

Our first month is about yanking the curtain back and uncovering the gifts at your disposal, and how you wanna see them used!

We start with a Mastery Call, delivering clarity, direction and inspiration for the business you’re building.

Followed by a LIVE Human Design Reading, so you are well acquainted with the power, strengths and gifts at your disposal, and exactly how to bring them to the forefront and utilise within your new personalised biz strategies & processes.

Using my unique framework – AWARENESS, INTEGRATION, EMBODIMENT – I’ll guide you to make immediate changes, create new habits, face sticky conditioning and lock on to new, supportive ways of doing things so that you anchor into ease, joy, and the path of least resistance NOW and well into the future!

After that, we continue with our two calls a month, but you get to choose which ones you need to ensure the most potent support.

The Mastery Call

(90 mins video Call)

During these intensive sessions, we dive deep into the key pillars of your business success. 

From money management, getting your admin ducks in a row, developing offerings, nutting out supportive & streamlined process and business strategies to mindset shifts and discovering your zone of genius, we leave no stone unturned.

Let’s work our way into every corner of your biz calling for your attention, breathing new life and depositing fresh energy!

 Together, we’ll forge a powerful path forward and elevate your business to new heights.


The Action Call

(90 mins video call)

It’s time for hands-on implementation!
In these interactive sessions, we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

We can tackle the nitty-gritty details of launching your offerings, creating package guides, refining your terms and conditions, designing eye-catching graphics, and even crafting a compelling sales page.

Bring 1-2 specific areas you want to work on each session, and we’ll collaborate, share examples, screenshare, and Google Doc our way to brilliance.

 Together, we’ll make every aspect of your business lit AF.

WhatsApp Support

Between our calls, you’ll have exclusive Mon-Wed access to me via WhatsApp. Need a quick question answered or seeking guidance during on-the-job moments? Or maybe ol mate Imposter Syndrome is showing up, and you need a loving pep talk to move through this? PS. PEP TALKS ARE MY SPECIALTY! Consider me your virtual support system, always in your back pocket, ready to give direction, initiate breakthroughs, and connect you to clarity whilst utilising your own gifts.

Human Design Guidance

After your live reading in the first month, I’ll continue to tap into the power of Human Design to connect you with your unique energetic correctness so that you can continue to make powerful changes not only in biz, but life too, well into the future.

I’ll show you exactly how to harness your innate strengths and then align your business strategies with your authentic self. 

Access to my Forms, Contracts, Workflows & Email Copy

I love sharing my own real life examples & templates to help clarify my practical guidance. I’m an open book, and more than willing to share the exact documents, processes and copy I use within my business in order to deepen your understanding.

If I see a need for it, I’ll flick it over! Whether it’s my Contract of Engagement, Client Intake Form, Onboarding Emails and the tech/apps I use. 

My goal is to empower you with practical insights so that you can confidently navigate your journey to success

I'm here to be a **biz activator** in your doula biz!

Consider me your unwavering support, holding you up while you hold others.

With an innate ability to understand the unsaid and see the whole picture, (I mean #ProjectorLife) I will reflect back to you in a clear, loving way, connecting you to your strengths, desires, and power.

Together, we’ll cast a visionary path for your business, outlining the necessary steps to turn your dreams into reality.

Listen, not to toot my own horn, but also *TOOOOOT TOOOOT*… I am the bomb-diggidy when it comes to course correction and efficiency-seeking, with a knack for identifying patterns and procedures that will optimize your workflow.

I can dance the dance of understanding your uniqeness, and merging that with practical guidance, without making it look like the same damn thang every one else is doing.

With me as your mentor, I’m giving you full permission to make your own rules and cheering you on as you watch it play out in full service to your dreams!

Whilst also bringing that practical, nitty-gritty guidance to allow you to build a thriving and sustainable biz.

So, you ready to unleash the badass biz woman within?


“Jessie’s mentorship really helped me to uplevel my biz, get crystal clear on my why & what/how I want to show up in the doula space for my families whom I support & also how to make that work with my young family who I have at home.

 I feel so lucky to have had Jessie support me throughout the entire process. She is a wealth of knowledge & has become such a great friend of mine. I’m grateful to have had her in my corner & for her to have held space for me when I felt extremely doubtful, vulnerable and nervous to put some really big & scary (but very necessary) things into action. 

 I can confidently say that this has been a huge turning point in my biz. Everything I wanted from this experience came to life. It really has changed the trajectory of my biz for the better &  I would never have been able to do that without Jessie’s help, love & support.

 I’ll forever look back at this experience & consider it a pivotal time in my doula journey. Thank you so much Jessie, you’re the best biz doula out there!”

“Working with Jessie has given me so much confidence and insight into building my business. I’m still in the beginning phase  and now I feel like I have the tools and know-how of how to build solid foundations that will support me long-term. Some of the processes I would never have known or thought of and they make so much sense, and I am loving implementing everything that I have learnt.”

“You offer SO MUCH value. I’ve finish up knowing exactly what programmes I need, templates to use and have SO many beautiful ideas to help build your own business. There’s no hours of googling what I need or wondering what to do next, because you’ve so graciously offered all of your knowledge over to us.”

It's time!

Be the business owner who dug in, did the work, shifted her mindset, leaned into her instinct and created a business full of life, light and joy!

No more pushing, forcing, straining and working to the bone to squeeze the dolla-billz out.

Be supported to lock onto more ease, flow, fun, badassery and feel-good tingles where abundance and soul clients come your way.

I activate doulas to connect with their power & gifts within, to lead a thriving, sustainable and aligned birth worker biz while consistently making an impact on the lives of those they serve in pregnancy, birth and postpartum.



Listen up, I want this to feel accessible so I’ve created a Flexible Payment Plan: Pay a $300 deposit followed by 4 monthly payments of $320.

Or you can go straight in with the upfront investment.




$300 + 4X$320

If you’d like to explore the potentiality of working together - you can book a free Connection Call , to get clearer on how I may support you and if this mentorship is aligned for you.

Let me level with you

When I finished my doula training, I felt raring to go and clear on HOW I was going to serve.

But my doula training lacked education on how to make the business side of things, a reality.

And, you can’t serve people without a business to do it from.
(I mean, where do the offers sit, how do I get paid, where am I serving from?)

Designing a supportive, aligned and thriving doula business was my vision, but I had to figure the details out on my own.

This meant a lot of trial and error.
A lot of financial risks and losses.

But when I was losing money, attracting clients who didn’t connect with my value, and getting really burnt out, I soon realised it wasn’t about doing things the same way as other doulas.

My mistake? I was trying to apply their strategies to my energy & vision…which did not go together!

I don’t want that for you!

After working with many doulas building their business, I discovered success became easier when their own vision and strengths were utilised and woven into personalised strategies.

I was noticing so many doulas either on the path to burn out, or already quit, hadn’t created a solid foundation beneath them representative of their own energy & gifts.

They didn’t have clear social media messaging or connection pathways for potential clients to actively view packages and enquire.

They didn’t have a work schedule that effectively engaged their energy, allowing them to work less but with more results!

Many of them hadn’t implemented streamlined processes for these people to reach out and enquire without the doula having to lift a finger! And when they did have clients, the lack of these automated processes meant they were chewing up their own time by needing to individually keep track of and action every step of the process for things to move forward. There is many ways for this to all happen while you’re hanging out with your family, or even sleeping!

Burn out is on the horizon when we’re just freefalling within our biz, and hope for the best without solid, supportive foundations! But the thing that allows doulas to thrive and create impact, while being well-paid and nourished…is personalised, reliable strategies & processes, created with their strengths in mind. 

This means they can focus on doing an amazing job, and continue the cycle of calling more clients in so that they build a reputation as a go-to, reliable, impactful doula!

And it just so happens, this is my jam!


Avid Spice Girls fan, Mum of 4, and soul-led doula & birth worker mentor, guiding women back to their power already within.

I’m a seasoned birth worker, honored to support over 45 births and counting, since 2019, which included VBAC’s, twins, homebirths, freebirths, inductions and csections.

Plus countless women more, who engaged my services for postpartum and virtual support! The fact that I’ve been part of helping women plant such a positive impact in their experience, that will ripple out through a lifetime, blows my mind every day!

I’ve held a number of in-person events (in a past-work-life I was an event coordinator and my heart sings every time I dive back in) serving both doulas and women walking down the pregnancy, birth and postpartum path, as well as guest speaking at other badass biz women’s events and podcasts.

I’ve built signature online programs, shepherding other soul workers through building their own business, seeing over 100 women pass through!

You may or may not know this, but I have a Bachelor Degree in Broadcasting, and I used to work for one of the biggest hit radio stations in Australia. Yes, my work now resembles NOTHING like that, but the marketing, communication, event management, media management and process management (it was literally part of my job to write Terms & Conditions for every single event and competition we ran!) skills I developed, continue to support me to this day. 

And I’ve effortlessly infused them into my business. Do you see what I did there? I took what I naturally already had and used it, to suit me!

I’m seriously LIT THE FUDGE UP about holding other birth workers in their biz, because it means they get to show up to their full potential, and birthing families continue to access the support they deserve!  

So, it’s a no brainer that a major dimension of my business is serving you, my darling doula!

Because, I came out of my doula training with a wealth of knowledge around birth and how to hold space for these families, but with very little support on actually building the business of my dreams.
So, I got to work and figured shit out. It took A LOT of time. A LOT of mistakes. A LOT of frustrated tears. But I kept at it, and kept correcting my course. Finally, I found the sweet spot.

I was walking with my clients, able to fully show up, whilst also being held by an incredibly solid and sturdy business.
> I plugged the leaks.
> Implemented efficient and streamlined workflows.
> Discovered my unique marketing & messaging.
> Connected and gained the trust of my community.
> Magnetised clients with ease.
> Managed my money with an abundant mindset & strategies.

Which all supported me to flow and dance with the delicate energetics of this work.
And so I naturally began guiding other doulas to find this for themselves, because I could save them from all the fumbling and stumbling I went through… so why wouldn’t I?!

Listen, birthing families deserve the support us birth workers give. BUT, the birth worker needs to be held, healthy and sustained through her biz in order to continue in this work. It’s the circle of birth work!

I don’t wanna see you burnt the fuck out, and I don’t wanna see them left without support.

So, allow me to doula you, as you doula them! And let’s build this business of yours together.

C'mon darling, lets.....

Get your offerings sorted in total alignment with inclusions that only feel like FUCK YES

Magnetise those dreamy clients, and then onboard and walk with them with clarity & ease

Bolster your biz with rock solid admin & legal implementations

Get you out of the circle work happening in your head, and lead your biz with hearty, clear, power moves

Release the ego-driven limitations holding you back from your full potential

Roll up our sleeves and get energy MOVING within your biz

What people are saying about working with me...

So, I've just gotta ask...

Are you ready to really get some skin in the game and take proactive steps forward in your flourishing biz?


I bloody hoped you'd say that, because it's my honour to invite you to....

If you’re getting the tingly-pull, but aren’t sure it’s a total EFF-YES, then I invite you to book a Connection Call with me below. 

This 30 min call is for you to explore what it may look & feel like to have me as your mentor. I usually offer any on-the-spot guidance that I can see would be supportive in these calls too.

It doesn’t commit you to anything, and gives you a chance to try the energy on for size.

But if you wanna jump right in




$300 + 4X$320

I doula the doula…

I walk with you

I hold you

While you do this for others

You hold space in the birth, and I’ll hold space in your biz!

enrolments are currently closed

Unsure if this is for you?

If you can tick off at least two of the things on the list below, then you belong here!

  • You own a doula business (whether seasoned or kinda new)
  • You’re starting a doula business (whether right now or in the future)
  • You’ve got ideas swirling around your head but something is keeping you from bringing them to life
  • There’s a bunch of things your doula training didn’t teach you, but you need to know before moving forward
  • You’re seeking clarity around your direction, structure, offerings and/or pricing
  • You know you have something different to bring to the table, but fear of standing out is holding you back
  • You feel too ‘vanilla’ and want to unlock and unleash the badass doula within
  • You want to call the shots from a place of freedom and fun, not fear and scarcity
  • You’ve got icky ideas about how business ‘should’ be run and you want to shed them, but aren’t sure what replaces them
  • You know you’re intuition is there, but have trouble tuning in or listening to her
  • You feel like you’re standing in your own way but aren’t sure how to move aside
  • The idea of having a thriving, joyful, abundant business, while having the energy to enjoy it and your life, deeply appeals to you

This mentorship is probably not for you if…

  • Experiencing radical, exciting growth doesn’t feel like your thang
  • You want to carry on expelling all your energy on your business for little reward
  • Living successfully by your own rules isn’t a reality you desire
  • You’re not interested in operating with integrity and magnetising more clients
  • You’re happy playing it safe and letting the voice of fear influence your choices
  • You want your biz dreams, desires and goals to remain out of reach
  • You’re content muddling your way through biz life, fighting, grinding and battling along the journey
  • You’re not interested in a business that serves you, rather than you always serving it
  • You’re already feeling high vibe, liberated and radiant while running your soulful business, working with aligned clients, oozing with creativity AND making bank with ease and flow, and know how to carry on that trajectory

If you're over running business that doesn't serve you
And down for a more thriving, aligned and sustainable vision of work

Then... YOU my friend are ready to be ACTIVATED with this private mentoring adventure.

So, I see you still scrolling.

Are you here because you’re looking for the ‘I’m In!’ button? (scroll a teensy bit more!).

Or because you’ve got a little voice saying ‘you need this’ but you feel afraid to dive in?

If it’s the second option, here’s what I have to say:

  • Trust that voice! Can you think of time your instinct has been wrong? No. But I bet you can think of times your fear has lead you astray!
  • Is it the price? Well, you need to understand this is an investment in you. And the prices I decide on are very, very intensely thought out, and the exchange value serves me & my family, whilst also being accessible for you. (Plus, I have payment plans)
  • You’re nervous about uplevelling? Yeh, I get it. Growth isn’t the most comfortable of things. But holy moly, is it epic?! (rhetorical question!) Does it excite you to picture yourself looking back and seeing how far you’ve come? And I’ll be right by your side for it all!
  • 3 months feels like a long commitment? This mentorship is packed with hugely transformative stuff, and you can’t rush that sort of thing. It would be irresponsible of me to make you do that. The willingness and readiness needs to come from you.
  • You don’t think you deserve this? My friend, our desires are meant for us. If you’ve already got that niggle, then this is your desire asking to be acknowledged.
  • You don’t think you’re worthy? Similar to the point above – you deserve all the light, joy and ease there is, and I’m granting you the permission (not that you need it!) to take it!

If you have ANY questions about Doula Business Activation: Private Mentorship, know I’m here for you and you can email jessie@thebrightbirthco.com.au for a chat.

Disclaimer: Results may vary. This program provides guidance and support but does not guarantee specific financial outcomes. Your success depends on your dedication, implementation of strategies, and individual circumstances. 

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