Frequently Asked Questions

What is a doula?

A doula is a companion, birth bestie, cheerleader and coach, offering unwavering support during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. My responsibility is to provide guidance and education, so you may take the reins of your experience and make informed decisions. I am here to support, love, nourish and worship you as you take this adventure on.

Do you replace my partner?

I’m here to strengthen the relationship between the two of you during this experience. I support you both! I will help your partner be equipped with support strategies during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, as well helping them feel comfortable on the big day.

are you certified?

A Doula is not recognised as a certified profession. We only have certification signifying completion of our training. But, we are much more than a piece of paper. I’ve also done a lot of training, and I’m constantly learning and educating myself.

Where did you do your training?

I completed my training with Angel Phoenix Arsenal, the creator of the world renowned Dynamo Doula Training. I’ve done a lot of online training including Birth Trauma Training.

When should I book a doula?

The earlier the better! Even if that means planning a pregnancy, just pregnant OR due any day!

I'm due any day now but I need a doula!

We wouldn’t have had as long to get to know one another, but I can still be there for you in a heartbeat! Contact me and we will work something out to ensure you’re supported!

what areas do you service?

The entire Perth Metro area. If you live regionally, contact me, and we can discuss. I’m always willing to travel!

II'm not from perth, but I want to work with you?

I have options to Doula you from a distance! *thank you technology!* Contact me, and we can explore this!

do you deliver the baby?

I leave that amazing moment to the midwife or obstetrician. I’ll be right next to you, supporting you through the last little bit!

will you make decisions on my behalf?

No. I will ensure you are informed, and I’ll be your sounding board in regards to any decisions. I’ll also help advocate for you if needed. But all consent or decline comes from you. My goal is to keep YOU the centre of the decision making process.

can I work with you if I want an epidural?

Absolutely! Whatever your birth looks like, I’m still here to ensure you feel great! My support before the epidural is important. Plus, I have plenty of tricks to really work with the epidural and make the most of it!

can i work with you if I want a c-section?

Most definitely. I’ve got LOADS of info to lather you up with, to help you design a beautiful, gentle, calm cesarean¬†birth. And I play a big role in helping you recover, bond and breastfeed your new addition.

do you only come to home births?

I do it all! Home birth. Birth centre. Labour Ward. By the river….. where ever you plan to birth, or wherever you need to birth, I’ll be right beside you!

what happens if i end up planning an elective c-section

I still play a vital role in helping you make informed decisions as you prepare for your csection. I will also support you during your recovery. As I won’t be needed to be on-call, and will know the time of your surgery, a portion of your package will be refunded.

What happens if i want to book you before 12 weeks?

I accept deposits to secure your spot, but I hold the deposit until 12 weeks. In the event that your pregnancy is unexpectedly no longer proceeding and you have paid a deposit before 12 weeks, I will refund you.

what if my baby comes early or late?

Don’t worry. This is all accounted for, and I will be available whenever it may be that your little one decides to come. I will be on call from 37 weeks, but this doesn’t mean I won’t be ready if they decide to come earlier than that.

are doulas allowed on labour wards?

Of course. It’s just a matter of letting your health care provider know I am part of your birth team. I value communication, respect and proffessionalism.