Why didn't they tell me that...?

All too often, Mother’s are remarking about things they wish they knew BEFORE they had to experience it. They’re asking WHY did no one tell them about this stuff? Why did the hospital antenatal class leave out so many key points? Where the heck am I meant to go to access all the support I truly need?

As someone about to embark on your own journey into Motherhood, I have to ask…

Do you know what happens to your body during labour?

Do you know how to write comprehensive birth preferences that leave you room and flexibility to go with the flow?

Do you know how much say you actually have in your birth?

Do you know what physiological birth is?

Do you know about birth interventions, why they’re needed and when you can say no?

I don’t want to overwhelm you, although I suspect that is partly why you find yourself here – but don’t worry dear mama, I’ve got you.

We’re going to walk through all of this together. 

By the end of this, you’re going to feel READY. CALM. POWERFUL. EXCITED.

This isn't about telling you what to do, but giving you the information you need to confidently select what's right for you!

This course sees a bunch of my doula knowledge, skills and experience packed down into a compact, easily digestible package for you to devour! 

Perth birth doula

Hi, I'm Jessie.

 A Mother of 3, and a pregnancy, birth and postpartum Doula, supporting over 30 births so far.

I’m here to guide you.

To love you.

To nurture you.

To prepare you, for your sacred ride ahead.

‘Going with the flow’ isn’t good enough. Yes, there is an element of flow required to navigate it all, but there is also a call for determination, dreams, desires, plans and preparation.

I’ll show you how to dance the delicate dance between letting go when you need to, and employing a steady focus.

It’s all about creating stability in unpredictability.

And I will hand feed you ALL the info, tips, tricks and tidbits to curate your own divine birth experience.

Get ready!

Guess what...

This is your birth right

Yep. When you close your eyes, and imagine how safe, strong and validated you want to feet in birth – that is your right.

You are NOT meant to be afraid, You are NOT meant to fear it.

You are meant to feel EXCITED. You are meant to feel SUPPORTED.

And I’m going to show you how.

Are you ready to lay the foundations for a birth experience which leaves you feeling powerful and at the center of it?
Are you ready to one day look back on this time and go 'yeh, that was pretty freaking amazing!


I thought so.

Let me show you HOW we're going to do this!

Introducing: Birth Like A Badass

A comprehensive, real talk, zero-bullshit course, here to unite Mums-to-be with the positive birth experience that awaits them.

After this course, you will...

perth doula

Your Vision For Birth

THIS is where all child birth education should start!

The most important foundation to lay for a positive birth experience is being intimate with how you want to feel!

I walk you through what you need to consider and the conversation you can have with yourself, so your vision becomes clear.

Once you have this piece of the puzzle sorted, you can then walk the rest of your journey with this in mind, ensuring you continue to make aligned decisions and choices.

‘But, I don’t want to get attached to a certain outcome?’ I hear you say. Well Mama, I show you how to keep this vision at the core of your experience, whilst being able to flow with any twists and turns your birth may throw.

This is the secret sauce. And THIS is what the hospital antenatal classes never include!

Next we have: The Physiology of Birth


The Physiology of Birth

You don’t need to know the ins and outs of birth to the degree of a doctor or midwife, but having a basic understanding of what your body is actually doing, takes a huge amount of fear and unknown away.

When you understand the stage of birth and why the sensations feel the way they do, it becomes so much easier to allow the process rather than fight it.

Feel prepared, knowing what you’re going to be feeling physically and emotionally at each different stage of labour.

There’s nothing worse than a feeling or sensation happening that you weren’t expecting at all. So, when you remove that shock, you’re simply left with the preparation you’ve done to deal with it.

You’ll also get an insight into HOW to weave through each stage too, including tangible techniques to feel calm, capable and strong.

Here comes: Fear Tension Pain Cycle

Perth doula
Perth Dynamo Doula

Fear Tension Pain Cycle

Welcome to the GAME CHANGER!

When I explain the Fear – Tension – Pain Cycle to people, they always react by explaining how much of game changer this little gem of knowledge is.

It’s so simple, so clear, yet it’s rarely explained. And it will make ALL the difference once it is!

This juicy part will shift your view on pain during labour, and show you just how much power you really hold when it comes to controlling it.

Up next: Create Your Space


Create Your Space

I want you to imagine something…

You’re in a bright, unfamiliar room, people are talking loudly and it smells like disinfectant.

Are you relaxed at all?

Alright, now imagine a nice, dimly room, with people speaking softly and it smells like a relaxing bath.

Feeling a bit more chilled out now, aren’t you?

But, where do you even start to create your little birth cave? How do you turn a hospital room, birth suite or even your home into this kinda space?

I’ll show you where to begin and exactly what to consider when it comes to prepping your birth zone.

Plus, you’ll get your hands on my ‘Prep Your Space’ work sheet, so you can really lean into curating a space that makes you feel safe and cozy, allowing you to deep dive into your labour land zone!

It’s time for: Labour Management Techniques

Perth Dynamo Doula

Labour Management Techniques

We’ve gotten clear on our vision, understood what our body is doing and how to set up the space.

Now, we dive into some practical stuff, that will help you weave your way through labour.

I’m talking breathing techniques that work, vizualisations, ideal labour positions and more.

You can pack your tool box with all of is, and the beauty of it is, you only need to pull out the bits that suits you!

You’ll understand how to surrender, and precisely WHY this will make the marathon of birth MUCH easier!

Your partner will be prepped to support you too, with a whole video you can plonk infront of them and make them take notes. Together, you can know the tricks and tips to employ to make your way through each and every contraction.

Plus I’ll teach you about my special ‘Traffic Light System’ and how to start each surge back down on green!

Enjoy a nice little cheat sheet you can pack in your bag, just in case your birth partner needs any prompting.

Moving on to: Birth Preferences


Your Informed Birth Choices

My method of outlining your birth choices means you will be prepared for whatever path your birth may take, avoiding locking yourself into a set plan or expectations. No birth plan gets thrown out the window here. Instead, this method means your choices can follow and support you in whatever direction your birth goes.

There is so much power in the ‘doing’ and creating of birth preferences, as they help solidify what you want and also highlight what needs more research and thought.

These preferences are not going to attach you to a specific outcome, instead, they will allow you to flow wherever your birth takes you, and still feel aligned.

I’ll walk you through all the things to consider when designing your ‘expected pathway’, as well as getting access to a fully customisable Birth Map.

Birth, third stage, golden hour and immediate postpartum – you’ll have it all mapped out, whilst being prepared for contigency pathways. Your consent posts and sign posts will be clear, so no matter where your birth takes you, you can fall back on your pre-determined choices.

Up next: Intervention & Advocation

Perth birthDoula

Intervention & Advocation

Birth is a collaborative experience, and you’re the head of it.

Not your maternity care provider. They are there to work WITH you.

This element will walk you through some of the possible interventions, why they are needed, when they might not be needed and when you can decline them.

It will also give direction on where else you need to expand your knowledge on birth, so you can feel armed with the right infomation as you make your choices.

Most importantly, I’ll show you what to do when you actually don’t know what to choose, or don’t understand your options. 

Lastly we have: Healing After Birth


Healing After Birth

This is where you’ll find most of things birthing people wish they were told!

After your baby is born, the job is not done. Your body still has work to do, and it’s important you’re ready for that, because it makes the healing journey a lot easier!

I’ll outline the Wolverine-like transformation your body undergoes, how it feels and looks on an emotional, mental and physical level.

Your body knows what it’s doing but you need to be aware of it too!


Plus, get your hands on..

Badass Birther Kit

Easy, printable guides and checklists, to help you pave the way through this beautiful journey!

Care Provider Cheat Sheet: A one stop shop of all your options! It’s so much more than ‘do you have private health?’. Choice of Care Provider can really make or break your experience.

Birth Map Template: Cover all your bases, and lay out your informed decisions in a map that midwives & drs have told me they love to see!

Birth Space Prep: A deep dive into the hormones and the role they play in dance leading up to and including labour. This understanding is game changing in allowing labour to kick off as efficiently as possible!

 Labour Management Techniques: This little cheat sheet is a brief summary of the comfort measures we talk about to help with labour. Perfect for referring back to and revise, as well as popping a copy in your birth bag for any on-the-spot prompting.

Birth Bag Checklist: This comprehensive list will see you packing what you truly need for the big day! After having three births of my own, I have taken the guesswork out of what works and what doesn’t, and put it all in one, simple, beautiful, clear list!

Choose Birth Like A Badass when you’re ready to dive into the REAL stuff you need to know about birth. 

Choose this course when you’re ready to remain the center of your experience, and feel good doing it.

Choose this course when you’re ready to birth like a badass and know the true meaning of a positive birth experience.

Choose this course when you’re ready to replace fear and anxiety around birth with excitement and power!

This is the stuff the hospital doesn’t tell you – but you really need to know!

When you enroll, get ready for...


I am passionate about showing up for women, supporting them and guiding them through this incredible journey.
I want you to feel good, feel powerful and KNOW you absolutely can do this!

Here's why I'm the one for you to teach you all about birth.

Want to know more about me?

My name is Jessie, and I’m a total birth nerd, womb warrior, doula, supporter of women and motha-juggler.

I have birthed three kids, and I’ve been pregnant four times. I KNOW ‘what they don’t tell you’, because I’ve experienced it. I have learnt many things on the fly and in thick of it – and it wasn’t easy.

I’ve also support numerous women through their own journey, seeing just how different each experience looks and how important this kind of preparation really is to creating a positive time!

My love of communication means I’ve got a knack for giving birthing people a rundown of what to TRULY expect, in a gentle, loving way that doesn’t leave them freaking the fuck out.

I know how to strike the balance between telling you what you need to know, without scaring the pants off you. Instead, you are prepared, so you can gracefully move through WHATEVER it is that you come to face on your journey.

My thirst for knowledge compliments my experience. I’m an avid reader and researcher. I dive deep and I learn fast. 

And I’m ready to teach you.

Unsure if this course is for you?

If you can tick off at least two of the below, honey, you belong here!
  • You’re pregnant, whether the pee on that stick is still drying, or you haven’t got long to go. You want to ensure an experience that leaves you feeling good, prepared, informed and the center of it!
  • You’re in the pre-conception phase, just because there might not be a bun in the oven right now, it certainly doesn’t exclude you from the knowledge, power and information that await you in this course. It just means you’ll be equipped from the get-go to begin the work on curating a stunning journey.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed by all the advice coming your way and just want someone to lay it out for you, plain and simple, with exactly what you need to know.
  • You want to know your rights and have your dreams, wishes and desires heard, validated and respected.
  • You don’t want to just ‘wing it’ but rather, dance between being in-control, yet willing to surrender when needed, while being informed and confident in the process.
  • You’re ready to tap into your intuition and realise you really can trust that voice inside you, as well as access all that beautiful power that lies within.
  • You’re looking for practical tips to guide you through your preparation for birth.
  • You want to escape the feeling of overwhelm of alllll the options and choices and decisions you have ahead of you, and finally receive the information you need to knuckle down, select what feels right for you and get your ducks in a row.
  • You’re willing to dive in to the content because while there’s a lot of info to get through, the delivery will be easy and digestible. There’s a reason this course is more than what they tell you at the antenatal classes, it’s because it’s a course carefully curated to teach you and nurture you, ALL at the same time!

Ready to join?

Here's what you get


  • Your Vision for Birth
  • Physiology of Birth
  • Fear Tension Pain Cycle Explained
  • How to Prep Your Birth Space
  • Labour Managment Techniques including Breathing, Visualisation & Ideal Positions
  • Partner Prep & Techniques
  • How to Write Birth Preferences
  • Interventions & Advocation
  • Healing After Birth


  • Care Provider Cheat Sheet
  • Birth Bag Checklist
  • Birth Preferences Template
  • Birth Space Prep Worksheet
  • Labour Management Techniques


  • Lifetime access
  • Any new content is automatically yours
  • $100 discount if you book 1:1 doula support


For the investment of $111
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I'm in!


Your hospital or antenatal classes aren’t going to give you all of this knowledge.

They aren’t going to give you this power, or even let you know how much of a say you truly have in your experience (hint: it’s A LOT!)

You don’t need a million books, all of those blog posts or your neighbor Karen’s overwhelming and misaligned advice.

I’ve got you.

I’m here for you.

This course, is my doula birth-prep work, smooshed down into a compact course, taught through a series of easy to watch videos, filmed late at night in my office. THIS is why I’m able to provide this course at a lower price point than my in-person, one on one doula services.

This information IS YOUR RIGHT. Take it.