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Essential Oils in Pregnancy

The use of Essential Oils in pregnancy can be so powerful, while being completely natural and gentle to the body! As a doula, I’m always telling my clients ‘I have an oil for that!’, and turn up with a bunch of rollers or sprays to help them through their journey.

Below, I’ve listed how to use them and included some of my favourite uses!

What Not To Use
If you stick to the highest quality oils (think Doterra or Young Living) it’s safe to use almost all oils in pregnancy. Just avoid Clary Sage & Jasmine as they are linked to bringing on early labour. These are safe to use after 38 weeks.
Peppermint is a good idea to avoid during breastfeeding, as it may decrease milk supply.

My Doula Faves
Ginger/Peppermint/Cardamom (this one was most effective for me)
Mix with a drop of fractionated coconut oil (or any carrier oil/unscented moisturiser) and dab behind ears and back of neck.
Or just sniff like a madwoman direct from bottle. I kept these in my pocket

Belly Balm
Around 10-15 drops each of Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender & Lemon, mixed into coconut oil (not fractionated). I used an old jam jar and a small spoon, or a paddle pop stick to dig a bit out and then rub over my body.

Baby Eviction Blend
(NOTE: Use after 38 weeks – and this only encourages baby to make their way out IF your body is ready)
15-20 drops each of Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Geranium in a roller bottle, topped with FCO. Apply in a rainbow motion from hip to hip, over the belly.

Daily Routines
– Balance and OnGuard applied to the soles of feet in the morning
– Drop of Lemon in ALL water
– Regular use of emotional support blends like calming, sleep, happy vibes etc – just make sure they don’t have Clary Sage or Jasmine in them

Favourite Resources
The Mini Essential Guide by Stephanie Fritz, @the_essential_midwife (I highly recommend this e-book and it’s only $8!)

Favourite oily IG Accounts

Jazze – The Calm Compound
Leia – Blissful Being
Sawyer Bear

Final note: it can feel overwhelming because there are so many choices, but that’s the beauty of Essential Oils! Having SO many choices to deliver similar properties or purposes means you really can’t go wrong! Unless you apply Peppermint to your hoo-haa, then you’re in trouble.

I also have posts on Essential Oils use in Birth and Postpartum.


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