FULL BLOOM perth birth event

Join me for a different kind childbirth prep event, infused with depth, soul and magic, while you get both practical and soul-changing takeaways.

Full Bloom: a soulful event for pregnant and planning to conceive women, to create positive impact that ripples out through the rest of your journey.

Held at Hidden Haus in O’Connor
Sunday 7th August

But first, I want you to...

Know you are deserving of holding your feet, firmly planted in the centre of your experience.

Trust you have the strength, power, softness and capability within you to navigate this adventure.

Believe the true authority of your pregnancy, birth and postpartum is YOU, and you can choose whatever companions to support you in that along the way.

But sometimes, we just need a gentle, loving guidance to realise these things. And then when you claim them, embrace them and keep hold of them, your experience can unfold in such an aligned way.

Your vision for birth may be different from the woman next to you, and this event is not about giving you the steps to a one-size fits all birth, but a guidance to find what you need to create an experience that is TRULY your own.

I see you walking out of Full Bloom and saying fuck yeh, I've got this and I can't wait to keep myself centered in this experience!’

My philosophy as a doula is that I always trust the woman birthing, above all else.

I trust her more than I trust birth.

I trust her more than I trust medical professionals.

I trust her more than I trust her birth support.

And that doesn’t mean doctors, midwives, family and doulas don’t provide any value to a woman’s experience. But it is the responsibility of the birthing person to take all the guidance and advice, analyze it, turn inwards, and consider what then feels right.

She gets the final say. She gets the final feeling. It’s her needs that are most important – whatever she determines they are.

So, allow me to fan the flame of your mama bear energy, as you intend to create an experience that honours you and your baby, FIRST.

The Intention of

Full Bloom

I’ve supported over 60 women to craft their birth experience, and one thing I know for sure, is that it takes SO MUCH MORE than knowing the stages of birth – yet so many ‘childbirth education’ resources leave the other key parts out!

YES, it is essential you understand what your body and baby are doing, but it’s just one part of the whole picture.

Through some fairy + fierce pep talks, loving guidance, a few jokes (can’t promise how funny they’ll actually be), I want to show you the rest of that picture and activate that spark within you! Then I’ll fan that spark into a flame, so you leave feeling INSPIRED + POWERFUL to take charge of your upcoming birth.

So, I wanna talk about...

Clarifying your ‘Vision for Birth’

How to Create an aligned birth support team

Physiology of Birth, and how your baby and body work together

How to work with the Modern Maternity System

Advocating for yourself

Knowing your rights

Developing trust within yourself

Creating a ‘Postpartum Sanctuary’

All infused with intuitive guidance from me to find your own strength and power

Plus, I’ll guide you through a Fear Release for Birth Meditation

Are you ready to bloom?

Join me on Sunday, August 7th, at Hidden Haus (O’Connor) from 11am-3pm for…
Nourishing food and refreshments

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Guided Fear Release Meditation

Intuitive, soulful & loving education + guidance from me

This will be my last event for pregnant & planning to conceive women before I go on maternity leave



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Have we met yet?

Well, I’m Jessie!

A doula and birth worker mentor, mother of 3….soon to be 4, and I’m in your corner.

I birthed three of my kids before I was opened up to this world of actually getting to feel honoured and respected during birth!

It’s not about doing it a particular way, but doing it your way. And as I prepare to birth my fourth baby, this experience is WORLDS apart from my other journeys.

I feel intentional. 
I feel truly informed.
I feel confident.
I feel SAFE.

My birth will likely look different to yours, but we can all FEEL the same way.
Where we know we made every choice with our heart, and it felt freakin right.
Where we felt respected and listened to.
Where we know we didn’t sacrifice our voice or truth, in order to please someone else.

And that’s why I’ve created Full Bloom because I want you to claim this for yourself!