Turn your nurturing care into packages so scorching with passion, they’ll ignite your soul like a wildfire – keep that fire extinguisher handy!

You’ve got so many ideas buzzin around your brain, giving you a headache from the vibrations – if only you could just succinctly channel it all into a super magnetic & aligned package, for your dream clients to devour!?

Is it too much to ask?

I’ve spent most of my 4 years as a doula fully booked, receiving 5 star reviews & tear-soaked, heartfelt thankyou letters, after my clients were guided through my support packages.

I know a thing or two about creating REFINED, ALIGNED and MAGNETIC packages.

And I’m sharing a step-by-step breakdown of the process to build your own magnetic & aligned doula packages in this video training!

Because, if there’s ONE thing I’ve learnt when it comes to building packages, it’s that a package built on ‘shoulds’ or because everyone else is doing it, won’t sell.

What kinds of doula packages are desired and bought by clients?

The ones that feel like the biggest FUCK YES to you!

That’s the kinda vibe which will magnetise people to you!

They’ll feel the excitement. 
The LITNESS will ooze from you, and be absorbed by them.

So, ya wanna create MAGNETIC & ALIGNED doula packages?

Check out my video training for a total step by step breakdown of the process!