You don't know what you don't know

But, that’s where I come in.

Too many women are walking into birth and postpartum without the information they NEED and really should have.

Unfortunately, most women are discovering this lack of education until after the fact. 

Until after they learnt the hard way. 

Until after parts of their experience were sacrificed unnecessarily. 

I'm here to make this info ACCESSIBLE!

Our birth system can be a tricky one to navigate. The cold, hard truth is that it’s not set up for individualized, mother-centered care. But this is the care we need and deserve. 

Yet, many women don’t realise the conveyor-belt of care they’re on, believing they can just trust the experts and go with the flow.

The thing is, the chance of you going with someone else’s flow, and someone else’s choices, and someone else’s navigation are extremely high. Meaning, it is less likely to come out feeling empowered and strong.

That’s why this information is crucial.

It gives the power to the person who should hold it….YOU.

What I have to share is not the be-all and end-all. BUT, it will give you a solid, sturdy foundation to build on, with a clear way forward.

perth doula

Hi, I'm Jessie.

 A Mother of 3, and a pregnancy, birth and postpartum Doula.

I’ve supported over 25 women in their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journeys.

I have seen first hand what a positive and powerful impact walking into birth and postpartum with education & preparation, creates.

I see women remain IN CHARGE, even when their experience deviates from their ideal pathway.

I see women holding on to their bodily autonomy.

I see women trusting their body & instinct, and remaining the center of their experience.

And I want this for everyone.

Birth Time, a documentary on the current birth scene in Australia, asked this question.

Safety is not just about our physical selves, but our emotional selves too.

BOTH must be protected. And the first step to this, is arming yourself with information and education.

1 in 3 Australian women experience birth trauma (which is defined as any experience, whether physical, mental or emotional, during birth that felt traumatic and leaves a long, bumpy path of healing ahead).

And of these women, a large portion wish they ‘knew better’ and did the work before their birth, to solidify themselves as the leaders of their experience.

Yes, you can’t predict how your experience go, but that’s not the aim. The aim is to feel prepared & informed, so you can consistently and confidently make the right choices for you.

Are you ready to feel prepared and in-charge for the unknown path birth and postpartum may take?

Are you ready to understand how much power you have to curate a nourishing experience of your own?

Well, duh!

I thought so.

Let me show you HOW we're going to do this!

Introducing: Digital Doula Series

Live webinars with me, providing the info and education around birth and postpartum YOU NEED!

How Will It Work?

There are two webinars.
One is The Adventure of Birth, and the other is Creating A Postpartum Sanctuary.

It’s your choice to attend both or just one. (Although, I highly recommend attending both…plus I have a special price for this!)

They’re held LIVE, and with the opportunity for you to use the live chat and ask any questions as we go.

WHEN will they be held?
I run a webinar every fortnight, alternating between the two topics. They’ll fall on a Wednesday, at 7pm AWST.

Creating A Postpartum Sanctuary will be in the second week of the month, and The Adventure of Birth will be in the fourth week of the month. I’m running them frequently, so it’s easy for people jump in! I want this info to be easily accessible, not only for YOU, but so it can ripple out into the world and help create the change we’re all working towards.

Plus a replay of the webinar will always be sent to you, even if you miss the live one!

How to purchase?
*SCROLLLLL to the bottom*
You can purchase any time, and you’ll be joining the next upcoming webinar of your selection.
EG. If you purchase access in the middle of the month, you’ll be joining The Adventure of Birth in the last week, and then Creating a Postpartum Sanctuary in the second week of the following month.

After the Adventure of Birth webinar, you will...

After the Create a Postpartum Sanctuary webinar, you will...

Perth Dynamo Doula

The Adventure of Birth

There’s a two pillars of information you need for your birth.

1. You
Understanding how your body works, so when you’re there and it’s happening, you can remind yourself of the purpose behind it all, and that you’re safe. This is all things about the process of birth, comfort measures, mindset tools and the inner work/prep needed before birth.

2. The Birth System
Know how it works, current birth culture and how it’s not as supportive of women as it should be. This is not to frighten you, but to ensure you know WHO you’re working with, as this will all influence the important choices you need to make.

This webinar will take you through the above, as well as providing tangible tips and strategies to help your birth preparation so you can really take charge and create a positive experience.


Creating A Postpartum Sanctuary

Too many of us prepare for birth, and then realize we should have put the same effort in to our postpartum.

Your journey and transformation isn’t over once the baby is out, it’s really only just beginning. So why not set up this beginning to feel safe, nourishing and fun and not ‘holy shit what the fuck was that #neveragain’. The power is in the preparation….BEFORE you arrive in your fourth trimester.

I’ll walk you through things to expect around your body, your baby and your relationship, plus guide you to create your own plans, preparations and strategies to curate your very own Postpartum Sanctuary.



You deserve this information.

This is the stuff you hear Mum’s say ‘I wish they told me about that!’ or ‘these are the things they don’t tell you’

I don’t want that for you.

I’ve seen birth. I’ve seen postpartum. And I’ve seen the epic, wild, HUGE difference information, education and preparation makes on it all!

More Mum’s are emerging from birth and postpartum feeling safe.

Every single person is entitled to this – yet it’s not happening for every single person.

But, one at a time, we can make a difference. Starting with YOU.