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A roadmap to creating Your Intentional Birth that keeps you fully present & in-charge of your pregnancy & birth experience!

(and it WON’T get thrown out the window if your birth needs to take an unexpected path).


Calling all pregnant & planning to conceive women!

Want a birth experience that you can look back on and say you truly felt safe, supported, capable and in-charge, regardless of the path it took?
One where you felt like an active, intentional participant, ready to roll with the unpredictability of birth while staying in touch with your instinct.

Without feeling like all the work you did gets thrown out the window if something unexpected happens?
Doesn't that sound like an amazing way to leave your birth experience?

If you want to create an intentional birth experience built on personalised preparation in total alignment with what feels most right for you, without needing to abandon it if things change...

Then keep reading.

Whether you’ve birthed before or it’s going to be your first time,

I know you want more for yourself and your baby than just surviving birth

>You want to protect your emotional and mental safety to

>You want to feel satisfied with the choices you made 

>You want this once in a lifetime (because every baby can only be born once) adventure to be something you fondly reflect back on, and remember how bloody badass you were

>You’re not looking for a trophy or a medal, but you want to experience the power that comes with bringing your baby into the world.

>You desire an experience of feeling present & intune for the birth of your baby for reasons you may not be able to put into words, but you just KNOW that’s what you want.

>You want to be an active participant, remaining in charge and responding with actions that feel most right for you

>You want to feel informed and prepared, so you can surrender and flow

In order to do that you need intentional, personalised preparation that goes so much deeper than just understanding the physiology of birth – because yes, you are willing to do the inner work to build that beautiful, strong yet soft version of yourself you get to meet in birth. (I can’t wait for you to meet her!)

The kind of preparation that goes deeper than just learning about breathing & position techniques, and cuts straight to the stuff that really carries weight on leaving birth feeling like a rockstar who just sold out the biggest show in history.

Preparation that positions you as the confident, capable and grounded leader of this experience, working effortlessly with your curated team of companions and collaborators, so you can trust yourself to follow what feels right for you.

The thing is, while you’re doing all this to leave birth as optimal as possible and smoothen your transition to motherhood, you’re overwhelmed by how much remains unknown. 

You feel pressure to get this ‘right’.

 You’ve read books and listened to podcasts and got an idea of what you want your birth to look like, but don’t want to slide into birth happening TO you, instead of happening WITH you.

You’re ready to do the work, but you’re a little unsure where to start!

If only there was a guide to lay the path of exploration out for you. So you can understand and compile all the information you need to consider in order to take action and make choices that truly align with what feels most right for you and your baby!


The right birth prep course will Give you ‘education’ that really gets to the heart of what it takes to create a birth that is completely yours, maximising the opportunity for you to emerge from it feeling safe, wholly and completely.

And that is the kinda guidance I am freaking good at…

- introducing -

The Intentional Birth Program

A unique self-paced program for pregnant and planning to conceive women to create a highly personalised birth experience, carving space for intention and aligned decisions so the impact your birth has on the rest of your life is a positive one.

This is where you’ll learn how to keep your feet firmly planted in the center of your birth, knowing how to consistently make decisions that feel right for you, ahead of time and in the moment.

This is why I created Full Bloom: The Intentional Birth Program.

Because my time as a doula, witnessing almost 50 births, and supporting countless women during their preparation for it, has shown me the powerful, life-long impact of remaining intentional throughout.

I also know what it’s like to be a woman navigating the birth of her baby. I’ve always believed we deserve so much more than just surviving birth. 

I just didn’t understand at first that the only one who actually does it all, was me! No one could do it for me.

With my first baby, I thought all those external to me would hold me through, and only help me do what was best for me. 

I thought I should go in without expectations, or vision, and just let them take me through birth since they’re the experts, right?

Surely they would protect me?

But I soon realised what I considered best for me (thinking about my feelings, my emotions and mental state as well as my physical safety) wasn’t what my care providers were focussed on. They wanted us alive, without much intention to nurture my mental and emotional wellbeing.

And what was important to me was having a birth I could look back on with joy, not fear or hurt

I know what it’s like for the years ahead, to look back and reflect on our birth, like on each birthday, or when we see pictures, or see a birth on TV, and wish we could’ve done things differently, had more of a say and more intention & presence.

Becoming a doula meant I was committed to guiding women to experience birth from a place of it happening WITH her, not TO her.

To understand the true power she possessed, and how to embrace it in a way that best suited her!

Remaining intentional goes far beyond understanding the physiology of birth.
It requires a connection and awareness to your inner self, to understand what feels right and what doesn’t, and feeling strong enough to assert those needs.

A commitment to honouring that is what allows us to leave our birth feeling good.

It’s deep and hearty work that gets you there. Not the surface level fluff of just knowing the phases of labour.

And that’s why for the past 5 years, my guidance has never been about what women SHOULD do to experience a certain type of birth, but how to birth THEIR WAY!

Full Bloom: The Intentional Birth Program isn’t like the generic birth prep courses.

It’s a culmination of the soulful AND practical things for a mama to explore, that have been proven to arm her with what she needs to craft an experience that is truly HERS!

First, we’re going to tap into what you want from this experience and create an unfaltering Vision that will support and hold you through your entire journey, especially in any moments that are unexpected or unknown.

Then we’re going on a deep dive into how your birth experience will feel, both physically, mentally and emotionally, all the way from pregnancy, final weeks to the hours of being enchanted by your fresh, new baby that just landed in your arms, so that you have a broader idea of the beautiful variation of things you can expect, and then the considerations to make to navigate it in a way that works best for you.

There’s also a bonus video of birth partner tips so your team mate can know exactly how to best support you.

After that, it’s time to bring awareness to another major part of your birth experience, the birth setting or ‘the system’. If you’re running a marathon, you want to know what the track is like. You want to know where you could meet challenges and where you might find things more easeful. It’s an essential part of preparation to understand how the system functions, in order to grasp how it may support you or restrict/limit you, so you can make the necessary choices and actions that’s best for you.

During my time as a doula, I have seen how women having this key awareness has created a clearer picture of expectations, allowing them to be more concise with what they want.

Finally, it’s time to create your Birth Map which is a document of informed decisions (not preferences) for all eventualities of birth. Just as we have to prepare for things going down a different path, we also need to be prepared for it to unfold as we hoped. You get a say, so what say are you going to have? And I’ll share how to have your Birth Map respected! There’s no chance of this ‘getting thrown out the window!’

I’ve created Full Bloom for pregnant and planning to conceive women to step through their own highly personalised birth preparation, remaining connected to their needs, so they can have an intentional, instinct led experience.

Here’s a look at what’s inside

Full Bloom is a self paced adventure, with access to a community of likeminded mamas, and also to ask me questions and receive personalised support.

Dive into seven comprehensive modules within our private online portal, thoughtfully curated to guide you through every aspect of your unique birth. From nurturing your emotional well-being to understanding the physical and mental dynamics of birth, each module equips you with essential knowledge, practical tools and prompts for your own personlised considerations to land on aligned actions. Discover how to navigate this pivotal moment with confidence and clarity, tapping into your instincts along the way. It’s more than just learning—it’s a journey of self-discovery, supporting you to create an experience that truly aligns with your wants, needs and desires. Plus ongoing access to this highly valuable content.

Access to an intimate community of likeminded women, also preparing for an intentional birth, in our very own Full Bloom Community/ Q+A Channel. Women supporting women is essential, and this is the space where you can ask personalised questions and access my doula guidance, and support from others.

Get access to some of my supportive resources that have helped many of my clients craft an intentional experience.

  • Vision for Birth workbook: This is my signature tool that every single mama I walk with will explore. It’s a guiding light, designed to keep you tapped into how you want to feel during your experience, and a guidance system for any actions or choices you need to make, ensuring they always serve you.


  • Birth Map Summary: After completing my Birth Cartographer training with Catherine Bell, I created this summary (endorsed by Catherine) to guide women through the process of outlining their Informed Decisions for all the different pathways of birth, allowing them to feel prepared for all eventualities with choice that feel right, rather than being blindsided in the moment and grappling to know what to do. 


  • List of fave resources: I’ve pulled together a comprehensive list of my most aligned birthworkers and the amazing, expansive education they provide. They’re my go-to when myself or my mamas are looking for more info or education on specific elements of birth, because they provide an unbiased, broken down approach to understanding the information.


Consider this investment as a potential impact to experience for the rest of your life…

Listen up, I want this to feel accessible so I’ve created a Flexible Payment Plan

Or you can go straight in with the upfront investment.

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here's a look at how it's gonna roll

Once you join, you’ll be welcomed into your private course platform, where you can begin working your way through the modules at your own pace.

There is no time limit to accessing this content.

You’ll also be invited to join the Full Bloom Community Channel, for direct access to me, Jessie The Doula, to provide another level of personalised guidance as part of your journey.

I just want to be straight up with you...

This isn’t your generic birth prep program. Ones that claim to teach you how to breathe or what positions you should use, are the first step in removing a woman from her power and instinct.

There is no ‘right’ way to birth, aside from letting you decide what feels most right for you.

You don’t need to be taught anything.

You may need guidance in understanding what’s available to you, but most of all, you should be equipped to absorb all the information to then curate an experience with the elements that resonate the deepest with you.

In all honesty, I am tired of women walking into birth being led to believe that one birth course they did would be enough.

That one birth course that didn’t go deep and explore the energetics of birth and how it feels emotionally, as well as physically.

The one birth course that preached creating a birth plan, but gave women the illusion that a piece of paper is the only effort they would need to make to have it respected, instead of guiding them how to navigate their birth setting with a firm connection to their informed decisions, no matter the path their birth takes.

I KNOW what women and families need to evaluate, consider, learn and explore in order to create an experience that is highly suited to their needs.

And it’s everything I’ve put into this program!

I’ve been walking with women and families for years to create intentional, instinct led experiences that keeps their voice, their safety and what they want at the forefront.

And not just when birth happens as they hope, but also for those times where things go a different way too!

It’s something I want for every woman, to walk into birth feeling prepared to navigate it in a way that’s intentional and connected to what they want.

And it just so happens, this is my jam!


Avid Spice Girls fan, Mum of 4, and soul-led doula & birth worker mentor, guiding women back to their power already within.

I’m a seasoned birth worker, honored to support over 45 births and counting, since 2019, which included VBAC’s, twins, homebirths, freebirths, inductions and csections.

Plus countless women more, who engaged my services for postpartum and virtual support! The fact that I’ve been part of helping women plant such a positive impact in their experience, that will ripple out through a lifetime, blows my mind every day!

I know a lot of my community found me when I ‘accidentally’ found myself at the head of a national birth rights advocation campaign called Make It, Make Sense, where we advocated for women to have access to their birth partner in labour and postnatally on the wards, because pandemic rules were seeing women birth & recover alone.
It was on the steps of parliament, in front of a bunch of cameras and news crews, that over 100 women gathered behind me, and I spoke about how the way we were made to feel during our birth, will be remembered for the rest of our lives.

Long story short, rules were changed and partners were not limited in supporting mama through birth and postnatally.

And that’s why I’m here.
It’s NOT about how you birth, but how you felt.
(And I’ll die on that hill!)

I am here to guide women back to their power, to take the reigns and remain in-charge of their birth experience, regardless of how it unfolds!

And I’m not doing for them.
I’m showing them how to do it for themselves.

Here's what you'll learn

Module 1: The Foundations
Establish the groundwork for your personalized birth journey. Dive deep into understanding your unique desires and intentions, laying the essential building blocks for crafting an intentional experience. Gain clarity on how each decision contributes to the overall atmosphere and feeling of your birth, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your vision

Module 2: From Final Weeks to Holding Your Baby
Navigate the full spectrum of the birth journey, encompassing the physical, emotional, and mental aspects. Explore the nuanced phases of labor from a fresh perspective, moving beyond rigid stage-by-stage frameworks. Gain invaluable insight into the fluidity of childbirth, empowering you to embrace the natural flow without being confined by textbook expectations.

Module 3: Your Birth Team
Discover the significance of assembling a supportive birth team tailored to your needs. Learn how to carefully select team members, including care providers and birth support, who truly advocate for you and your birth choices. Gain insights into the roles and responsibilities within your birth team, with you as the empowered leader. This module also features a dedicated video for birth partners, brimming with practical tips to enhance their support during the pivotal moments of labor.

Module 4: Understanding the Landscape of The System
Gain invaluable insights into the intricacies of The System and its impact on your birthing experience. Explore how the system can either facilitate or constrain your journey, and implement essential navigation strategies. Understand the influence of your birthing setting on the overall experience, a crucial aspect often overlooked in traditional birth programs.

Module 5: Creating Your Informed Decisions
Load up on a deeper understanding of your rights, freedoms, and birth options. Navigate through the maze of choices to arrive at decisions and consent points that truly honor your needs and desires. Recognize that in every aspect of birth, the power to choose rests with you, and your responsibility lies in making choices that resonate with your truth, free from external pressures.

Module 6: Cultivating Inner Trust
In birth preparation, it’s not just about the external factors—it’s the internal journey that truly shapes the experience. Embrace the unknown with confidence by nurturing trust within yourself. Acknowledge that trusting yourself to navigate the uncertainties is pivotal. Building this trust isn’t always a walk in the park—it takes dedication and effort. This module is your guide to strengthening that inner trust, empowering you to approach birth with unwavering confidence in yourself.

Module 7: Tailoring Your Birth Experience
Explore the diverse spectrum of birth experiences, from c-sections to home births and everything in between. Regardless of your circumstances, this module provides a curated list of considerations to customize your journey. These tailored insights are designed to prioritize you as the focal point of the experience, ensuring that your preferences and needs take center stage, no matter the setting or type of birth you’re preparing for.


“Everyone needs a sweet soul like you on their journey, reminding themof the strength and power that already resides within”

“You have changed out lives. You changed me for good.”

“Jessie is a natural teacher. She has a way with words like no one I have met before and makes you feel like you can take on the world after being in her space.”

“Everytime I found myself questioning my choices or feeling the pressure, you always had the right words and guidance back to trust.”

“I can’t even begin to describe the impact Jessie has had on our experience!”

“I’m blown away by your spirit and generosity.”

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So, I've just gotta ask...

Are you ready to plant your feet firmly in the centre of your experience, and create a birth that is YOURS?


I bloody hoped you'd say that, because it's my honour to invite you to....

Consider this investment as a potential impact to experience for the rest of your life…

Listen up, I want this to feel accessible so I’ve created a Flexible Payment Plan

Or you can go straight in with the upfront investment.

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Unsure if this is for you?

If you can tick off at least two of the things on the list below, then you belong here!

  • You’re pregnant

  • You’re planning to conceive

  • You want to have an intentional presence throughout your experience, having the final say to birth your way

  • You’re ready and willing to do the work to setup your experience so you can simply let go and flow once you’re there, knowing you’ve done what you can to centre yourself as the leader

  • You understand we can never really know how birth is going to unfold, but you want to feel prepared for whatever path it may take, always respecting your needs in all scenarios.

This program is probably not for you if…

  • You don’t want to hold the power in your birth, and prefer to only listen to your care providers and do what they say

  • You feel just learning about the phases of labour, positions and coping techniques is all that’s needed
  • You think having intentions around birth is unrealistic. And I get it, birth is unpredictable and you may worry about how you’ll feel if you spent all this time preparing for a certain birth and it happens differently. The thing is, we aren’t doing it like that! We are preparing for any way birth can unfold, with a commitment to honouring what feels most right and remaining in charge, making aligned decisions with whatever comes our way.

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