I am here to guide women to reconnect to their power within, where everything they need already exists, awaiting to be utilised, so that they can expand to their full potential.

Giving permission for women to not only acknowledge their unique desires, but to unapologetically go for it, without fear of sacrificing their truth, needs or expression….

Whether in birth, motherhood and/or in biz!

So, How can I help YOU?

Based in Karratha, I serve in a multitude of ways, including in-person or at a distance doula support, as well as mentoring other doulas.


From those two little lines till your womb-mate decides to evacuate, I've got you girlfriend! Our time together will have you feeling excited, capable and supported!


Let's make the space for you and your baby to work together. With me by your side, I'll continue to gently nudge you back to your power, holding you through birth.


I'm here to hold YOU, so you can hold your new little human. Time for some epic nourishment & replenishment while you navigate healing, hormones and creating a soft place for you to land into your motherhood.

Birth Worker Mentor

I help doulas create a personalised strategy to become highly sought after birth workers, to have a business that supports them while they support other people, all while getting well paid without the burn out!

Human Design Reader

Having your chart read by me is another way to connect to your gifts, strengths and unique energy flow. I'll guide you to embrace your natural way of being, and implement into your daily life and/or biz, to clear the path of resistance and tap into more ease and flow.