Caught glimpses of your feminine flow, freaked your shit and then spiralled back into your familiar homebase of hustle because surelyyyyy it can't be that easy?

#hustlelife is cool, but lemme invite you into a better way...

A way where we don’t continuously reach for missing parts out of lack, but instead trust we don’t need to be anything other than ourselves to succeed.

A way where you don’t launch your heart work and then need to lay on the couch for 2 weeks straight recovering from it. 

A way where you don’t need to choose between being present with your family and a thriving biz and bank account.

A way where you don’t freak out when there’s white space in your schedule and try to cram in more to-do’s, but actually let yourself rest, guilt free. 

A way where our passion doesn’t risk fading because of burn out, exhaustion and 2am breakdowns but the passion continues to shine brighter and further while we do less.

A way where ‘should’ doesn’t exist, only red hot ‘wants’, dripping with passion, fired straight from the heart.

Right now, we are caught up in the belief that in order to succeed, we must hustle grind and work out butt to the bone.


Your success and abundance does not need to come at the cost of your energy, emotions and presence.

Rest & play does not mean you’re lazy. Rest & play are essential in driving the needle of your business forward!

It’s time to usher in a new paradigm. 

Through this immersion, I'm here to give you the tools to become AWARE, INTEGRATE and EMBODY your own unique energy, to find more flow, better results and aligned paying clients.

Are you feeling any of these….

You’re ready to plug the money leak of your beautiful generous heart over-giving because you’re done with the idea of coming last in order to be ‘good’ at serving others.

 You just don’t have the capacity to go and go and go, but you wanna make that money?

The idea of experiencing the ‘baptism of fire’, crying at 2am, getting sick and hitting total burn out in order to say you’re successful feels a bit yuck to you?

You trust there’s a unique way to utilise your energy but just aren’t sure how that looks?

 Sacrificing time with your family time and time again, in order to serve others just doesn’t feel sustainable to you?

 You’re ready to move into a more easeful (not to be confused with ‘easy’) way of doing things, to honour your energy and swim in abundance?

So, how do we thrive?

You’re here because you’re in a feminine business, heart-led business.

What I know to be true is that you can’t build a thriving feminine business whilst operating from rigid masculine energy.

You can find safety in surrender and trust, instead of constantly trying to control the outcome.

You can trust your creative seasons, instead of trying to be on 24/7 and constantly feeling like you’ll get left behind if you take your foot of the pedal.

You can know you’re worthy of abundance rather than thinking you have to bust your butt and push yourself beyond your energetic limits over and over again to receive it.

You can thrive and be at deep, impactful service to others without sacrificing your own needs and surviving on scraps.

We are not designed to primarily lead in our masculine energy. There’s only one path this can lead us to, and that is burn out, loss of passion and a dimmed light.

Instead, it’s time to tap into our cyclical energy.

Activate our feminine nature, which THRIVES on respecting the eb and flow.

It’s time to divorce the idea that rest is lazy, and instead see how rest breeds productivity, creativity and abundance.

It's time to ditch the conditioning we must be anything other than ourselves to do well.

Rich & Rested is for you if...

You’re ready to embrace a new way that offers sustainability & abundance, all while tapping into what’s already within you.

You’re ready to respect your energy, and see yourself go further than you’ve ever gone before.

You’re ready to create and earn with ease, while being present with your family and smashing goals within your biz!


How does it work?

Together, we enter a one week virtual vortex!

Across one week, we will dive deep into 3 live sessions, held on Monday 30th May, Wednesday 1st June and Friday 3rd of June, all at 10am AWST.

Lemme take your hand and doula you to a new way where…

 Your essence won’t be stifled.

Your energy will be honoured.

And you’ll unlock new levels of your feminine flow and abundance.
I want to usher in this new way of doing things in a punchy, efficient and potent way.

We’re diving deep, together, to emerge feeling inspired, motivated and even transformed.

What I'll Cover

This is a topic that’s always been hot on my heart, and part of my journey in my birth worker business since day 1. For you, I intend to guide you through a process of becoming acquainted with your own unique energy and then how to effectively utilise it to create more wealth, joy and success for yourself.

Everything you need is already within you. Sometimes we just need some guidance to find it, activate it and harness it. Allow me to help you get deeply acquainted with the mechanics of your own unique, divine energy, in preparation to unleash your potential. 

Now you’ve got an understanding of your energy flow, it’s time to disrupt patterns and create shifts within your inner world, building a path towards providing deeper impact to those you serve, and opening the door to abundance.

Let’s pull it all together, and get clear on how you can choose to honour your essence and energy, every. single. day.

Through intuitive guidance, practical skills and processes, story telling and sharing of my own experiences, I will guide you to this new way that’s waiting for you.

This new way means ease. It means joy. It means untapped creativity. New levels of success.

Doing less does mean more for you. Because you’ve reduced the noise and created the space, and within in, you can produce more!

So….are you in?

Rich & Rested is waiting....

Access to One Week Immersion of 3 x 60 mins calls within our virtual chamber

Daily Power-Work guidance sheets to assist awareness, integration and embodiment

Invitation to my Primary Inbox

Your Investment


My story…

Rich & Rested was birthed after recently being in the busiest season ever, and earning the least amount of money, and thinking 'What the actual fuck....there has to be a better way!'


I’m Jessie – a mama of 3….soon to be 4, wife, milo lover, multiple biz owner, birth keeper and mentor.

Before I started my business, I was witnessing women operating theirs and constantly hitting burn out.

I saw them sacrificing time with their kids. I saw them looking worn out. I saw them choicelessly needing to take extended breaks when the exhaustion was too much.

I was ready to work hard to make my business a success, but I wasn’t going to drive myself into the ground doing it.

I knew there was another way. I began learning about my energy. I noticed how I would get short surges where I could create and do so much within a small amount of time. I also noticed my desire to then pack more onto my plate after I was done, because there was more time left in my day and I didn’t feel worthy of rest. CUE first lot of burn out.

It took practice, but I began honouring my body when it said it had enough. Soon, I noticed my next surge would come even quicker than when I tried to push my energetic limits. I also saw what I created or achieved in my burst, was already so much and more than enough.

Before long, I witnessed time and time again, I would earn more when I worked less.

Put it this way, earlier this year, I had an overwhelming number of clients – as a byproduct of Christmas break and people pushing back care due to partners being home, creating quite the overlap. I was supporting 6-7 women a week, working weekends and putting my kids in extra care. I was the BUSIEST I had ever been, yet my bank account was the lowest.

Fast forward a month, when I intentionally and diligently worked my way out to more spaciousness, and my bank balance began growing again. Because I had the capacity to create, to tweak, to refine….to grow!

I want to share how to create this for yourself. 

I want to guide you through getting deeply acquainted with the divine mechanics of your own energy, and the deconditioning that can feel a bit bumpy, but is oh-so-powerful!

If you’re READY to do things in a more easeful, joyful way and create MORE time, success and abundance….Rich & Rested is for you

So….you ready?

Rich & Rested Live Virtual Vortex Immersion is ready....

Your Investment


Got Questions?

60 mins. They’re will be potent & punchy!

Fear not, the replay gets sent to you no matter what! Plus, how good is the ability to pause and play as you need! You have access to this energy at any time you choose!

Nope! Anyone in a feminine biz will reap the benefits of this, and that is who I’ve made it for. No matter where you are in your biz journey! Whether it’s dreaming things up, starting out or been in the game for some time! It’s all about calling in your future self and what you want, so wherever you are, is just perfect!

How many times have you scrolled this page? You’ve made it all the way to the bottom. Something is keeping you here. If you take that leap, know I’ll be on the other side holding you tight and supporting you through this adventure. Biz owners need to put some skin in the game! Let your gut guide you. PLUS, I’m having a baby in October so my offerings will go on pause in a few months.

If you have ANY questions about Rich & Rested live immersion know I’m here for you and you can email for a chat.

I am not responsible for how you integrate the information and guidance into your life. The results are your responsibility.

There are no refunds or credits once a purchase is made due to change of mind or personal circumstance.

I reserve the right to reschedule any calls, due to illness, being called to a birth or any other reason beyond my control. In such case, the call will be rescheduled within a reasonable time frame. I am not liable to compensate.

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