No Mum gets left behind!

Are you…

These are not just 1 to 1 calls, they’re Mum to Mum calls. 
This is your opportunity to talk to someone who really gets it! Think of me as your emotional motherhood fairy, like a Fairy Motha-Juggler!

The essence of these calls is YOU. To hold space for you, listen to you, cry with you, laugh with you. Together, we will unravel and explore the feelings you have. By bringing an awareness to your feelings, you will create shifts and transformation within yourself! It will ignite feelings of joy, release and a deeper knowing of yourself that will flow over into your child and the world around you.

I have three kids of my own, and during my 5 years of Motherhood, I’ve experienced a lot! I’ve made it my mission to make sure Mother’s know they aren’t alone. Let’s abolish this sickness with comparing ourselves to others and coming out with feelings of inferiority, and instead know that our differences are still a variation of normal! 

It is NOT selfish to take up the space and purge all of your feelings! It will do you, and therefore your family, a service!

These calls will look into how you’re feeling emotionally and spiritually, but I will also offer some practical tips and suggestions to take you forward.

Perth Dynamo Doula

These calls are perfect for whatever stage of motherhood you currently find yourself in

The call is a video chat using the Zoom app (you just need to create a free account) and it will go for about an hour. You get to be nice and comfy in your own home! Maybe make a cup of tea or coffee before we start. It’s totally fine if the kids are around, but it’s always handy to pop on a movie or schedule a call around nap time, so you can feel relaxed and focused.

After the call, I’ll follow up with you in a few days with a voice memo chat on Instagram.

With just a few clicks, you can schedule and pay the call below!

I can’t wait to chat!