A one hour masterclass uniting you with the opportunity, ease & flow waiting on the other side of those biz blocks!

Are you feeling any of these….

 The thought of putting a profitable price on your work makes your chest tighten?

Comparison Carol stops you in your tracks and fills you with doubt, stopping you from presenting your offerings?

 Money, checking your bank, spending money, asking for money…fills you with dread?

 Fear of things not working out, money being wasted, offerings being rejected, keep coming up and stops you from doing anything?

 You doubt your worth or authority to offer what you do and instead keep your ideas as just ideas?

How good would it feel to…

Price your offerings in a nourishing & abundant way, without doubt?

Say NO to a potential client who isn’t aligned, and do it comfortably?

Download a vision or idea and just crack on with it, without ol mate Imposter Syndrome talking you out of it?

See someone else in your field rocking it, and you simply cheer them on without comparison and continue rocking it yourself too?

Step forward in your biz with a block-busting framework and renewed mindset, so you can truly meet your potential?

I'm YOUR biz doula!

Join me, Jessie McGarry, for an online masterclass in busting business blocks!

The work starts here *points to heart*. Not with your website or IG bio.

When I began my biz in Nov 2019, I made MINDSET a massive part of my business plan.

Now, I’m a fully booked birth doula, guest speaker and biz coach who turned over $90K in 2020 financial year, and I’m on my way to my first 5 figure month!

And it started with my mindset. It started with busting those blocks.

They still come up, but that’s why I created my own ‘Badass Block Buster Framework’ so I can keep meeting them and then give em a spiritual HEY-YAH karate chop.

Perth birth doula

The Biz Block Buster Masterclass
is for you if...

You’re ready to divorce those sucky stories keeping you from your true potential!

You’re ready to navigate your biz journey alongside self doubt & imposter syndrome, without them keeping you small!

You’re ready to master your mindset and set the path of constant growth and level ups in your biz!

How it will work

You, me and 60 rad minutes on Zoom on the 7th September, 9.30am AWST

If you can't make it live but want the juicyness, never fear! A replay will zip your way!

It's that simple!

Once you nab your seat in The Biz Block Buster Masterclass, you'll get sent your Zoom invite PLUS a cute little workbook!

The workbook is to really help you put pen to paper and integrate the change coming your way.

Worried you'll miss it?
No problemos! Everyone who signs up gets the replay & workbook sent to them.

Blocks to Bust

The Biz Block Buster Masterclass will cover and combat blocks coming up in 4 key areas.




COMPARISONITIS (I like to call this Comparison Carol)

We’ll focus on how to hone in on your blocks, the limitations they provide and then how to combat them using my Block Buster Framework.

You’ll leave the call free of some of the blocks you came in with, PLUS the framework to continue to do the work, dig those blocks up and bust em!

So….are you in?

The Biz Block Buster Masterclass starts in....




Have we met?

If not, I'm Jessie – I'm a mother of 3, wife, milo
lover, multiple business owner and doula.

I guide women in both BIZ + BIRTH to unite with their power and meet their desires.

You know what’s so freaking sick? ALL the schtuff you need is in you! Sometimes, you just need a little nudge, guidance or reminder on how to find it.

When you take a course, do a masterclass or hire a coach – they aren’t going to magically hand you something you’re missing. You already come whole and complete!

But, you’ll get support to remember the parts of you that are needed for the work you’re meant to do!

Lemme doula you to your dreams! I’m here to guide and you deserve it honeybee!

So, shall we hold hands and dive in together?

I’m always in your corner!

So….you ready?

The Biz Block Buster Masterclass starts in....





Here’s what I have to say…

  • Is it the price? What else can you get for $33? SO. MANY. THINGS. But how often does $33 give you the wisdom, revelations and practical steps to continuously uplevel? 
  • You’re nervous about uplevelling? Yeh, I get it. Growth isn’t the most comfortable of things. But holy moly, is it epic?! (rhetorical question!) You will finish the call different to how you started!
  • Can’t make the live session? NO WUZZAS. You get the replay (and who doesn’t love the option to pause and play at your own pace?) plus the workbook, no matter what! 
  • You don’t think you’ll be good enough? Well, how many times have you scrolled this page and felt your intuition say this is good for you? Listen to that.
  • The willingness and readiness needs to come from you – I’m not here to convince you. It’s time for radical self responsibility!

Got Questions?

60 mins. It will be potent & punchy!

Fear not, the replay & workbook gets sent to you no matter what! Plus, how good is the ability to pause and play as you need!

This masterclass will serve you no matter where you are in your biz journey! Whether it’s dreaming things up, starting out or been in the game for some time!

How many times have you scrolled this page? You’ve made it all the way to the bottom. Something is keeping you here. If you take that leap, know I’ll be on the other side holding you tight and supporting you through this adventure. Biz owners need to put some skin in the game! Let your gut guide you.

If you have ANY questions about The Biz Block Buster Masterclass know I’m here for you and you can email jessie@thebrightbirthco.com.au for a chat.

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