business for soul workers

Man....this biz side of things is hard

Do you feel like you’re an absolute badass at what you do, but also feel let down on the biz side of things?

I hear ya!

You’re here to HELP people through your work, not write copy on your website, create contracts & forms or categorise expenses.

You want clients and you know you’ll do a bomb-diggedy job with them…but, how do you even get them?

Where do you start?

What do you do when they inquire? WHERE do they even inquire?

WOAH. I don’t want to make your head spin, but the to-do list can suddenly feel overwhelming, especially with hardly any clue on how to begin completing it.

HELLO. That’s where I come in. 

I’m not a biz pro. I’ve never studied it. But, since starting my business in November 2019, I have worked out a bunch of systems, workflows and processes (all streamlined AF) that has contributed to be fully booked, and turning over $25k in 8 months. For someone who can only take on 2 clients a month…that’s doing ok.

I’ve tweaked them, tested them, re-jigged, and now, it just WORKS!

And I want to show you.

Why? Well, I don’t want you to work as hard as I did, googling and youtubing, and crying, and writing, and searching for answers. Instead. I want to give you the head start I wish I had. My way is not the only way, but I’m confident it will give you the foundations you need to make any tweaks of your own, while having it all set up and working.

I value community of competition, and we can all thrive together. That’s what I’m in this for.

Calling all coaches, mentors, birth workers and anyone who works on a 1:1 basis, supporting people.

Through group mentoring, I’m going to show you the exact systems, processes and workflows I used to turn over $25k in 8 months of business, and become a highly sought after doula.

Perth birth doula

Hi, I'm Jessie.

 A Mother of 3, and a pregnancy, birth and postpartum Doula.

I’m here to guide you.

To love you.

To nurture you. NOT just in birth! But with your biz baby too!

I own two businesses, and I’ve been doing this for over 5 years now, recently ‘birthing’ my doula biz in late November 2019.

Systems/processes/workflow/tanglible steps make my mouth water. This is my jam!

I love finding thing that work and FEEL EASY! I’m all about putting in the work to set things up and then watch them tick away beautifully as my bank account pings!

Being a doula is what I’m meant to do with my life, but if I want to be the best doula I can, I need to have this biz stuff taken care of too.

And now, I’m gonna doula you through this, so you can be the best coach/mentor/birth worker you can!

Get ready!

Are you ready to finally feel ease, confidence and clarity when it comes to the biz side of things?

Are you ready to quit spinning those mental wheels and instead drop that badgirl into drive?


I thought so.

Let me show you HOW we're going to do this!

Introducing: Badass Business for Soul Workers

A group mentoring adventure for soul workers to take charge of their biz processes, and revel in the ease and expansion that flows!
What's a soul worker? Any one who works to support/nourish/guide others, creating a positive impact in their life, usually on a 1:1 basis.

After this course, you will...

Over 4 weeks, we will meet for video calls in a group capacity, where you'll see my screen as I walk you through my EXACT processes and workflow that helped me turn over $25K in 8 months.

Lemme break it down...

with everything kicking off on September 1


The Foundations

First things first, we need to hone in on your ideal client.

I’ll show you how! And if you already know, I’ll show you how to find them…and get them to find you!

Then, we’re gonna chat about social media. How to show up even if it feels scary, how to be authentic, how to bring your personality to your page PLUS practical tips to make optimal use of the settings to be found by your clients.

Lastly, we need to master your mindset. I’ll show you my signature framework for busting those limiting beliefs! Once they’re out of the way, imagine where you can go!


The Tech Stuff


Nup. Not any more.

This website you’re on, I built it. MYSELF. Without any coding. And without knowing a thing about where to start. But, everything is figure-out-able, and I figured the shit out of this! And I’ll show you what I use to easily build, manage and edit my website that doesn’t leave me in tears.

Oh, and if it does, I have people for that – and I’ll tell you about them too (you can afford it!).

Plus, while I ain’t no SEO expert (search engine optimisation), I do know a few little things that will definitely improve your search-ability and bring you up to potential clients looking for you!


The Workflow

This is the number 1 business thing I get asked about the most.

What is my workflow?

How does my potential clients seamlessly flow from enquiry to virtual meet to booking?

And then, how do I onboard them efficiently and get all those formal bits out the way, so we can get down to the fun stuff, without needing a pen and paper checklist every time?

I’ll show you. I will walk you through it all, step by step.

I will show you EXACTLY how I do it, what I use, what I write – AND you’ll get copies of it all so you can create your own!

I’m talking copies of my Contract, Investment Guide, Terms & Conditions, Client Intake Form and MORE!


The Processes

Running a business, managing it, parenting 3 children, looking after a household…it’s all a juggle.

But I have time to do it all.

It comes down to being organised, and creating stability in unpredictability (I mean, I work in birth, and that’s always an adventure!)

So, lemme bestow upon you the practical things I do to make this easier! Some things, I don’t even have to think about – and that’s the kinda time management juiciness you need to know about!

Plus, we can’t forget our finances! I’ve got some game changing tips that means you’ll be ready for tax time (with the actual tax ready to pay!), and your accounts in order.

Plus, get your hands on..

Badass Business for Soul Workers Kit

I’ve done the hard work and put all of these together, now you can tweak and change them to suit you, your style and your business!

Terms & Conditions: A must-have! I used to write Terms & Conditions all the time when I worked at a radio station so I know what needs to be included.

Privacy Policy: Every website needs one! And this will be asked for if you want to sell ANYTHING from your website.

Contract of Engagement: What my clients sign when they engage me as their doula – which ensures we are both protected and covered at all times.

 Client Intake Form: I’m really proud of my form – it’s definitely not your standard client info form. Instead, it’s fun and full of flare, asking the right questions to ensure I create a highly personalised offering for them.

Investment Guide: This is what my potential clients see to tell them all about me, my services and my packages. It’s a CRUCIAL document in my workflow, and I often hear it’s the best they’ve seen.

Choose Badass Business for Soul Workers when you’re ready to gain some clarity and confidence around your business workflows and processes!

Choose this course when you’re down for some real talk, and not some salesy marketing thingo that just wants to upsell you over and over.

Choose this course when you wanna be guided by someone who wants this to be easy for you, and wants to take away the struggle, and (without tooting my own horn too much), knows her shit!

Choose this course when you want your hand to be held, so you can go off and do your thang like a badass when you’re ready!

This isn’t some course selling it like you’ll magically be a 7 figure biz owner. No. This is a real person, who figured some hard shit out, and wants to make it easier for you to master what usually feels overwhelming and scary when it comes to business.

When you enroll, get ready for...


Unsure if this course is for you?

If you can tick off at least two of the below, honey, you belong here!

You’re a coach, mentor or birth worker,  and you’re amazing at what you do, but need a little help with the biz side of things

You’re confused about where to start, or where to next, and are ready to escape the procrastination-stagnation and GET SHIT DONE

You’re looking for practical tips you can actually employ to create structure within your business processes

You want to escape the feeling of overwhelm of having so many ideas but not knowing how to integrate everything together, finally getting some clarity and confidence as you move forward

You feel like you just aren’t good enough for the biz side of things and need a loving bitchslap to say UMMM YES YOU ARE, and then show you how to master it all

You’re ready to create ease and expansion within your business using super practical, simple workflows and processes

You’re willing to dive in to the content because while there’s a lot of info to get through, the delivery will be easy and digestible. And I’m totally here for you. Consider me your soundboard, where we can work it out together!

When do we start?

You, me, and a bunch of other badasses will begin our adventure on SEPTEMBER 1

Ready to join?

Here's what you get


  • The Foundations
  • The Tech Stuff
  • The Workflow
  • The Processes


  •  My Terms & Conditions
  • My Contract of Engagement
  • My Client Intake Form
  • My Investment Guide
  • My EXACT Inquiry to Booking & Beyond Workflow


  • Access to intimate FB group, where I provide extra support answering your questions
  • Replays of all calls, so you can rewatch anytime



I 'm in

Payment plans available - contact me direct to find one that suits you!


You don’t have to spend hours and hours and hours Googling, researching and learning for this stuff.

It’s ok for someone to help you.

You CAN be amazing at business and your soul work at the same time!

It CAN be easy!

I’m here for you.

I’ve got you.

And we’ll do this together, you bloody badass!