An online training to transform your biz and fuel your bank account, soul and family!

I mean, who can relate?

 Are you constantly playing catch up with your business?

Are you feeling stagnant with your creativity?

Are you a bit of a Comparison-Carol and getting stuck in the momentum of your vision because of it?

Are you busting your butt, sending out offering after offering but feeling like there is little return?

Are you burning through all your energy because you think you need to #Hustle, and instead of seeing the big bucks, you’re hitting burnout?

How good would it feel to…

Have your biz work FOR you?

To feel nourished by the work you do?

To see your bank account grow without feeling like it was a hard slog?

To rest without guilt…and still smash business goals #RichAndRested!’

Think of it like this…

radiant, vibing, easy-joyfilled biz


booming bank account,

wild, expansive creativity,

a nourished, radiant soul.

Which oozes into all other aspects of life and loved ones

Do you want to ditch the hustle & grind, and create a business that feels joyful?

Get ready to watch that badgirl thrive as you roll through ease and flow!

Badass Business Academy is for you if...

You’re wanting to shed those negative business habits in a safe space, and make room for expansive, freeing, fun and light way of doing things.

You’re wanting to be hit with so many wisdom bombs that feel simple yet life changing and give you whiplash from nodding so hard.

You’re over making decisions based on what you ‘should do’ and are ready to embrace choosing what you want to do.

You’re wanting guidance from someone who GETS IT (I mean, I’m a reformed people pleaser), who’s been where you are, and knows the steps it takes to creating a nourishing and abundant business.

You’re wanting to see me get goofy, share random but hilarious stories, and sometimes bust out some dance moves…
ok, you probably didn’t come here looking for that but it’s all part of the package!

Things are shifting my loves, and I’m here to grab your hand and pull you onto this wild adventure so you can revel in expansive, joyful beauty of business!

Badass business academy is a transformative training, kicking the outdated belief that worth = time/grind.

Unleash your inner badass, and embrace the freedom of doing things your way, feeling on fireeeee while doing it AND enjoy the inevitable success!

This is for the woman who is an eager beaver, craving freedom of time, freedom of expression, freedom of creativity – all of which can roll on in with an abundance, when you create a business that SERVES YOU! And Badass Business Academy is going to show you how to design that business!

When you hit epic milestones in your business, what I want for you is to say things like ‘well DUH, of course that happened to me’ or ‘shit yeh, that was easy’, because you already believed these things were coming for you.

This could be you:

The business owner who dug in, did the work, shifted her mindset, leaned into her instinct and created a business full of life, light and joy!

No more pushing, forcing, straining and working to the bone to squeeze the dolla-billz out.

And more ease, flow, fun, badassery and feel-good tingles where your bank account goes up and up and up!

What people are saying about the training…

This course has given me so much confidence and insight into building my business. I’m still in the beginning phase  and now I feel like I have the tools and know-how of how to build solid foundations that will support me long-term. Some of the processes I would never have known or thought of and they make so much sense, and I am loving implementing everything that I have learnt. The presentations were engaging, and the masterclasses were a brilliant complement to the course content. 10/10 would thoroughly recommend!

– Emma, Badass Alumni

Badass Biz Academy was so amazing and exactly what I needed to get me out of the funk I was in with my biz. It clarified so many things and helped so much with my mindset. Highly recommend for all soul workers!

– Lauren, Badass Alumni

So, join me as we dive in and…

  • Kick those boring ideas about how biz ‘should’ be done to the curb
  • Uncover your true vision of your business and how to constantly honour it
  • Master your mindset and make radical, positive changes to your inner world
  • Strengthen the foundations of your business, to withstand fear and self doubt
  • Embrace your full creative and expressive potential
  • Understand how to show up with consistent authenticity
  • Fully lean into the freedom of making your own rules
  • Listen and trust your instinct, and understand how to navigate with the true compass of your business

I will show you how you can have your cake and eat it too!

Lemme break it down…

The First Bite

Your Meaningful

Time to get cozy with your vision.
Unravel her. Embrace her. Honour her.

She’s ready for you to learn all about her values, her vibe, her purpose.

THIS is where you solidify the foundations of your business and create your compass.

From here, your path of alignment, making delicious choices and feeling fine are bi-products of clarifying your vision and how to honour it.

The Second Bite


Where the mind goes, the body follows.
Read it again ladies.

Some serious shifts are going to occur here, and the ripples will soon turn to waves, as you watch your business, bank and heart all expand!

Time to dig up those Sucky Stories you tell yourself about how work should be done, and replace them with juicy, yummy, feel-good Rad Reframes that will serve you, and set you on the path for success.

Invite your intuition and fuck off the fear, learning how to differentiate between them. Making choices with our head ain’t the way. Sure, our brains will help analyse and filter info, but it’s out hearts that need to make the final choice. And you need things to be in-tune for this!

Say goodbye to crippling self-doubt and hello to carving your own, unique, successful path with confidence

The Third Bite

Manifest It

Take a deep breathe. Close your eyes. Ok wait, open them back up so you can read this.

But keep breathing. In your mindseye, I want to visualise the future of your business.

If it were easy, how does it look?

Now what if I told you that your desires are meant for you. What you dream of IS a possibility for you. 

Manifestation is a MUST in any soulworkers business plan. It maintains alignment, finetunes energy and leads to epic opportunities. 

Hand over heart, I owe the clients, success and money I’ve made to manifestation. Since making it part of my life, I’ve experienced wild shifts.

This bite will explain how to incorporate this powerful practice into your business so you can experience these shifts too.

The Fourth Bite

Money Matters

It’s all about the money, honey. 

Money isn’t some yucky, disgusting thing. No, money CAN mean happiness, joy, fun and it’s meant for you!

But I totally understand getting your mind and body around these new ideas might feel uncomfortable. And that’s ok. If we aren’t uncomfortable, we don’t move! So let me give you some gentle guidance to bust through your money blocks and watch your PayPal ping!

The Fifth Bite


Time to find YOUR people!

Who are they? Where are they? How the mother-effing heck do you get them?

Get ready to identify, attract and retain the people who need what you have to offer. We cover this in two ways.

  1. The People – locating, calling them in and working with them
  2. The offerings – creating, pricing, sharing and executing


Most business courses call these people our ‘ideal clients’, but I believe we interact and exchange energy with those who will serve us in one way or another. And sometimes that’s in a financial way, and sometimes it’s in a ‘providing super duper valuable lessons’ kinda way.

Yeh, we definitely want more of those people who light us up and we light them up in return, but I also want to show you how to create growth from those less than ideal situations we can sometimes find ourselves in as biz owners.

I want this part to feel easy. Once you make the shifts needed for this, it absolutely will…all while just being YOU!

The Final Bite

Make It Happen

This is the part where you get down and dirty as you redefine your business and how you do things.

It’s not about ‘here’s what I did so you should do it too’. It’s about finding the sweet spot of what feels good for you, to achieve the things you want to achieve.

I’ll show you how to create powerful practices, individualised to YOU! Plus, how to maintain them in a way that allows the freedom of your mind changing or your business growing.

I tell ya, these are simple yet mighty things which, once integrated, will propel your business forward!

How will it work?

From the moment you join, you get to plate up and take a new bite, working through the lessons at your own pace. Maybe you want to take one bite a week, or maybe you wanna engulf it all. You know how you learn best, so go for it!

PLUS, we’ll have two Zoomy jam sessions, within the next 6 weeks. In these ‘Connection Calls’, I’ll bring the fizz and riff on all things biz badassery.
Because, whilst I believe the responsibility is YOURS to take this training on and implement in your own way, I also believe in supporting you through it.

Each Connection Call will focus on the bites you’ve been working through, with some more wisdom bombs and brain explosions to drop in for you! Plus I’ll answer your questions that are sent through before we virtually connect. No need to worry about missing a call, because you’ll get the replay sent out!

Oh and guess what, to create a supportive community and container, I’m introducing a pop-up Facebook group for 6 weeks.

When I tune into the vision of this training, Badass Biz Academy wants to feel intimate and secure, so you can feel safe to uplevel and unleash your badass within! 

The group will be a place of support, connection and community.It’s important to me there isn’t any feelings of overwhelm, so this badgirl will also have some solid boundaries so it doesn’t feel like yet another fb group with overwhelming notifications.

While you can navigate the content at your own pace, I want you to know you’ll have access to the course content for 6 months. I don’t want this to be ‘just another course’ you purchase, do a bite or two on, and then tell yourself you’ll get back to it but never do. So, this is my way of helping avoid that. Because, you’re a badass, remember?!

But wait… there’s more!


And no, it’s not a free set of steak knives. IT’S BETTER!

A BONUS Recorded Masterclass with 6-figure biz owner, visionary, award winning photographer, speaker and all round badass babe, Belle Verdiglione on Money Mindset

Mindset Mastery meditation track to gently illicit transformation on a cellular level

Rad Reframe cheat sheet as your one stop shop to find the story that’s plaguing you, and easily switch out for something that feels expansive

Positive Badass Affirmations to to stick up or set as backgrounds, to get that high vibe, magnetic energy flowing

Conscious Cost Calculator to help you create nourishing price points for your offerings

Rich Bitch Money Allocation Spreadsheet to help you divy up your funds in an abundant, profit creating way

A 90min small group (3 or less participants) coaching call, where advice and guidance is tailored specifically for you! A place for you to soundboard and workshop whatever is coming up in your biz journey.
Valued at $199)

Templates of my Client Intake Forms, Contract and Investment Guide, to give you a starting point for creating your own unique documents in your soul biz.
(Valued at $99)

Access to my ‘From Lead to Client: Workflow’ training video, which outlines the journey I take women on from their first inquiry to being onboarded as a new Bright Bestie. This process took me months to refine, and now I see a constant flow of new, ideal clients.
(Valued at $69)

Join me inside…

I've created two options for you to access this epic training
Boosted Babes Live Experience or Solopreneur Self Paced

Boosted  Babes Live Experience

Live Experience: Course content & bonuses, PLUS 2 x Live Connection Calls, replay access and pop-up FB group. PLUS Voxer access to riff ideas/questions out together.





Solopreneur Self Paced

Course content & bonuses only: for the solopreneur who is ready to rock on and roll through the course at their own pace





enrolments close in...


enrolments are currently closed

Have we met?

If not, I'm Jessie – I'm a mother of 3, wife, multiple business owner and doula and... I've been in your shoes.

I thought my worth was derived by how many hours I spent on my business.

I thought unless I wasn’t waking up before my kids to work, or staying up till my eyes went fuzzy, I wasn’t good enough.

I couldn’t even say no to door knockers, let alone turn down requests/people/events that I KNEW would drain me, and then negatively impact those who truly needed me.

I was giving everything I had, yet seeing dismal numbers in my bank account, and I felt pretty crummy myself.

When I hit burnout for the billionth time, I knew that was enough. There had to be a better way. I opened my energy up to the idea, and WHOOSH! It roared in. Suddenly I was seeing the message of being able to feel freaking ALIVE in my biz, make the money and have a sick time, all with ease. Does that not sound freaking delicious?!

Yeh, I still worked hard, but I didn’t feel like I was beating my head against a wall. I enjoyed it. I honoured my energy and my gut, and reaped the rewards.

Some days I would ooze with creativity and bust some epic stuff out. Other days, I didn’t feel the pull, and instead felt pulled to Netflix and the couch. And I honour that. I simply do not fight the pull, and I also don’t judge myself for it. And yet I turned over $90K in my first full financial year of business, and am on my way to consecutive 5 figure turnover months!

This new way of doing business gives me tingles, and I want you to tingle too!

What people are saying about working with me...

Here’s what ya get inside Badass Business Academy:

A transformative training - broken down into bites, allowing for integration and to reduce overwhelm

Short, punchy videos within the course so you can easily digest and work through the content

2 live Connection Calls with me, plus a copy of each replay (Boost Babes only)

Bits of Badassery Worksheets (including Conscious Cost Calculator & Rich Bitch Money Allocation Spreadsheet) so you can put pen to paper and support your new path forward

Pop-up FB group (Boosted Babes only)

An invitation to live in my Primary inbox on Instagram, so I can provide support for those super simple questions you might have.
(Boosted Babes, we get to chat on Voxer)

And don’t forget the bonuses!

Recorded Masterclass with 6-figure biz owner and all round badass babe, Belle Verdiglione

Recorded Masterclass with abundance & accounting queen, Diana Todd from Balance Tax

Mindset Mastery meditation track

Rad Reframe cheat sheet

Positive Badass Affirmations

Conscious Cost Calculator

Rich Bitch Money Allocation Spreadsheet

Our Connection Calls

Within our container, we deep dive together, exploring the previous Bites. It’s a mix of me dropping in, laying truth bombs, wisdom gems and brain explosions in my wake, while getting down to the nitty gritty and answering your questions to make sure these changes awaiting you will go more than skin deep.

And, if you miss it, no problemos! You all receive the replay, and these are yours to keep forevs.

You ready?

enrolments close in...


Boosted Babes Live Experience

Live Experience: Course content & bonuses, PLUS 2 x Live Connection Calls, replay access and pop-up FB group. PLUS Voxer access to riff ideas/questions out together.





Solopreneur Self Paced

Course content & bonuses only: for the solopreneur who is ready to rock on and roll through the course at their own pace





enrolments are currently closed

Unsure if this is for you?

If you can tick off at least two of the things on the list below, then you belong here!
  • You own a business
  • You’re starting a business (whether right now or in the future)
  • You’re open to making radical, liberating changes to your mindset
  • You don’t subscribe to working yourself to the bone, but aren’t sure how to free yourself from that conditioning either
  • You’ve got ideas swirling around your head but something is keeping you from bringing them to life
  • You’re unsure how to make decisions any other way than from a place of fear
  • You’re seeking clarity around your direction, structure, offerings and/or pricing
  • You know you have something different to bring to the table, but fear of standing out is holding you back
  • You feel too ‘vanilla’ and want to unlock and unleash the badass within
  • You want to call the shots from a place of freedom and fun, not fear and scarcity
  • You’ve got icky ideas about how business ‘should’ be run and you want to shed them, but aren’t sure what replaces them
  • You know you’re intuition is there, but have trouble tuning in or listening to her
  • You feel like you’re standing in your own way but aren’t sure how to move aside
  • The idea of having a thriving, joyful, abundant business, while having the energy to enjoy it and your life, deeply appeals to you

Badass business academy is probably not for you if…

  • Experiencing radical, exciting growth doesn’t feel like your thang
  • You want to carry on expelling all your energy on your business for little reward
  • Living successfully by your own rules isn’t a reality you desire
  • You’re happy playing it safe and letting the voice of fear influence your choices
  • You want your biz dreams, desires and goals to remain out of reach
  • You’re content muddling your way through biz life, fighting, grinding and battling along the journey
  • You’re not interested in a business that serves you, rather than you always serving it
  • You’re already feeling high vibe, liberated and radiant while running your soulful business AND making bank with ease and flow, and know how to carry on that trajectory

If you're over running business that doesn't serve you
And down for a more spacious, expansive, nourishing vision of work

Then... YOU my friend are ready to be a badass in business.

So, I see you still scrolling.

Are you here because you’re looking for the ‘I’m In!’ button? (scroll a teensy bit more!).

Or because you’ve got a little voice saying ‘you need this’ but you feel afraid to dive in?

If it’s the second option, here’s what I have to say:

  • Trust that voice! Can you think of time your instinct has been wrong? No. But I bet you can think of times your fear has lead you astray!
  • Is it the price? Well, you need to understand this is an investment in you. And the prices I decide on are very, very intensely thought out, and the exchange value serves me & my family, whilst also being accessible for you. (Plus, I have payment plans)
  • You’re nervous about uplevelling? Yeh, I get it. Growth isn’t the most comfortable of things. But holy moly, is it epic?! (rhetorical question!) Does it excite you to picture yourself looking back and seeing how far you’ve come? And I’ll be right by your side for it all!
  • 6 bites feels like a long commitment? This training is packed with hugely transformative stuff, and you can’t rush that sort of thing. It would be irresponsible of me to make you do that. The willingness and readiness needs to come from you.
  • You don’t think you deserve this? My friend, our desires are meant for us. If you’ve already got that niggle, then this is your desire asking to be acknowledged.
  • You don’t think you’re worthy? Similar to the point above – you deserve all the light, joy and ease there is, and I’m granting you the permission (not that you need it!) to take it!


Got Questions?

How many times have you scrolled this page? You’ve made it all the way to the bottom. Something is keeping you here. If you take that leap, know I’ll be on the other side holding you tight and supporting you through this adventure.

When you sign up, you’ll get a welcome email detailing the Connection Call times and links. They’ll be within school hours, but I’ll also have a looksee at the different time zones to ensure there’s maximum opportunity for getting to at least one. Remember, the replays will always be sent out, whether you make it or not, and I can answer questions previously submitted by email.

It’s mostly video lessons, with some worksheets & helpful spreadsheets that supplement the video. Plus there will be 2 x LIVE Connection Calls, FB group and Voxer access for the Boosted Babes.

It really depends on how you like to consume content. If you were to do one bite per week, it would be around 1hr per week. This is just watching the videos and completing the worksheets. However, I can’t put a time on your integration journey. We’re all different.

You’ll have access to the video trainings for 6 months. This is to create some accountability for you to work through the lessons rather than it being another course that you’ll ‘get to one day’. The Connection Call replays and Bits of Badassery Worksheets can be downloaded and kept forever. 

If you have ANY questions about Badass Business Academy, know I’m here for you and you can email jessie@thebrightbirthco.com.au for a chat.

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