2022 is ready for you to align with your purpose and make bank doing so. But, are you ready?

Are you feeling any of these….

 Got some foggy-goggles on when it comes to seeing how you want the year to pan out?

Your vision is lacking the vibrant, sparkly energy it needs to come to life and make an impact?

In need of a fairy but fierce pep talk to feel alive + activated as you operate in your biz?

 Fear of things not working out, money being wasted, offerings being rejected, keep coming up and stops you from doing anything?

 You’ve got some creative freshness to shower the world with, but fear is keeping you from stepping forward?

How good would it feel to…

Kick the year off feeling ACTIVATED, ALIGNED and ANCHORED in your vision, so you can charge forward without fear halting you in your tracks?

Feel the spaciousness of time to do all the things bubbling within you, rather than feeling your chest twist into knots like time is slipping away?

See what others are doing and feel happy for them, but joyfully carry on in your own lane without an ounce of comparison holding you back?

Have strong direction and guiding lights moving your forward at a pace that feels luscious for you?

I'm YOUR biz doula!

Join me, Jessie McGarry, for an online masterclass in getting ALIGNED & ANCHORED within your soulful business for 2022!

This workshop is a mix of soul + strategy, to activate your inner biz-woman badass boss lady and get clear on your year ahead.

I owe my success as a six-figure biz owner, who gets to feel spacious and joyful in her biz, to regular ‘biz meetings’ with myself where I reflect, release and then align & anchor into my path forward.

These are a ritual for me. And I’m going to invite you in to how I do them, so you can create your own. 

THIS is where things change. 

These meetings keep you present in your biz, allowing you to course correct where needed. Which means….success finds you faster!

Perth birth doula

The Aligned & Anchored Masterclass
is for you if...

You’re ready to invite a soulful practice that works when it comes to pushing the needle of your biz forward, constantly hitting new levels of growth and expansion.

You’re ready to respect your business, and get intimate with her, even if it’s a little uncomfortable. This is where shifts happen!

You’re ready to tap into your own power of manifestation and calling your dreams in to your reality!


How it will work

You, me and 60 rad minutes of pre-recorded Masterclass

Upon purchase you will receive instant access to the Aligned & Anchored Masterclass.

What I'll Cover

I’ll step you through how to soulfully + intentionally run your own badass biz meeting, all in the name of refining, growing, earning and expanding within your biz.

How to conjure up those magnetising feels of gratitude and joy to truly call in your manifestations for the year ahead.

How to acknowledge and then release any stories, beleifs and blocks holding you back.

This is the big one! I’ll walk you through getting crystal clear on your vision, how to honour it, and then get down to the nitty gritty planning on making it all happen

This is where it all comes together. I’ll share some super powerful (yet simple AF) practices to consistently align and embody the energy of where you want to go, so you can arrive there in the quickest time frame possible.

THIS IS POWERFUL. It’s essentially accessing the energy of manifestation which HAS to be part of your biz model! When I integrated this ritual into my own business, I experienced radical growth. My favourite part is looking back at the session before, and seeing that I’m living the way I was calling in!

And I want this for you too!

So….are you in?

The Aligned & Anchored Masterclass is waiting....



Have we met?

If not, I'm Jessie – I'm a mother of 3, wife, milo
lover, multiple business owner and doula.

I guide women in both BIZ + BIRTH to unite with their power and meet their desires.

You know what’s so freaking sick? ALL the schtuff you need is in you! Sometimes, you just need a little nudge, guidance or reminder on how to find it.

When you take a course, do a masterclass or hire a coach – they aren’t going to magically hand you something you’re missing. You already come whole and complete!

But, you’ll get support to remember the parts of you that are needed for the work you’re meant to do!

Lemme doula you to your dreams! I’m here to guide and you deserve it honeybee!

So, shall we hold hands and dive in together?

I’m always in your corner!

So….you ready?

Aligned & Anchored Masterclass is ready....




Here’s what I have to say…

  • Is it the price? What else can you get for $33? SO. MANY. THINGS. But how often does $33 give you the wisdom, revelations and practical steps to continuously uplevel? 
  • You’re nervous about uplevelling? Yeh, I get it. Growth isn’t the most comfortable of things. But holy moly, is it epic?! (rhetorical question!) You will finish the call different to how you started!
  • Can’t make the live session? NO WUZZAS. You get the replay (and who doesn’t love the option to pause and play at your own pace?) plus the workbook, no matter what! 
  • You don’t think you’ll be good enough? Well, how many times have you scrolled this page and felt your intuition say this is good for you? Listen to that.
  • The willingness and readiness needs to come from you – I’m not here to convince you. It’s time for radical self responsibility!

Got Questions?

60 mins. It will be potent & punchy!

Fear not, the replay gets sent to you no matter what! Plus, how good is the ability to pause and play as you need!

This masterclass will serve you no matter where you are in your biz journey! Whether it’s dreaming things up, starting out or been in the game for some time! It’s all about calling in your future self and what you want, so wherever you are, is just perfect!

How many times have you scrolled this page? You’ve made it all the way to the bottom. Something is keeping you here. If you take that leap, know I’ll be on the other side holding you tight and supporting you through this adventure. Biz owners need to put some skin in the game! Let your gut guide you.

If you have ANY questions about Aligned & Anchored Masterclass know I’m here for you and you can email jessie@thebrightbirthco.com.au for a chat.

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